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Separation of the Believing from the Unbelieving

Separation of the Believing from the Unbelieving
by David Brenneman

In Matthew 13 Jesus left the crowds and went into the house. His disciples came to Him and asked Him to explain the parable of the tares of the field.  Not only did He explain that.  In order that they truly understand, He told the same parable in other ways.  Leaving no doubt of the truth and severity of what was going to happen.  

In my late night post last night that's only on my blog site, it was something like that here.  Telling the truth of things whether or not people really want to hear it or not.

People today do not want to consider it at all that God would reject them because of them not having received Jesus Christ as their Savior.

People today do not want ot consider it at all that God has to deal with sin that they find no fault with and actually find pleasure in.
People today are no different than the people throughout history in all these things.  People don't see themselves as any less worthy of Heaven as those who have placed their faith and trust in Jesus alone for salvation.  

Here's your interesting factoid.  In discussing wheat and tares there's this to note: they can look almost the same.  One is real wheat one is 'fake wheat'. It isn't wheat at all.  To those who find it mixed among their wheat they know exactly what it is but it would cause more harm than good to take it out before it's time to harvest.

In movies and in fiction books we read of or see of people vanishing when Jesus returns.  Husbands vanishing in front of wives.  Children vanishing from the arms of mothers.  People screaming out because they cannot find nor fathom why their loved one's are not here.  Global catastrophies because of millions of vanishing people.   

This is coming.  It's as certain as the truth of the first coming of Jesus is His second coming.   

Millions of people will face the extremely harsh reality of the truth that they didn't measure up to God's standard: salvation in Christ Jesus.
They were not sealed in the Spirit which comes to each who believe in Christ for salvation.  God puts His mark on all who believe.  He knows who are the wheat and who are the tares....the fake wheat.

People today think that these spots of horror across the globe are bad.  Bad hasn't happened yet.  The only time bad was ever as close as it will get is when God brought the global flood to the whole planet.  Billions all across the world died within hours.  Some instantly some not so quickly. But all those billions did die.

Sin must and will be dealt with.  If someone, anyone, who understands right from wrong dies without salvation in Jesus Christ...Hell is where they go to next.
Jesus never ever will be asking questions of anyone as to whether or not they measured up to His standards.  There's no curve being graded on.  None of this everyone gets a trophy situation.   Jesus, the Good Shepherd, knows who are His and who are not.  To be Earthly shepherd goes and questions sheep to see if they were his or hers or if they were someone else's.  Even Earthly shepherds know their own sheep from others.

Do not think for a moment that when it comes to the Spiritual that Jesus will 'cut people some slack'.  Because He won't.  It's not His will that any should perish.
It's also not His will He's doing what He does for.  He does what He does, is doing what He's doing for the glory of HIS Father.  

People today think that by being in among people who are Believers that it will make them that much more appealing to God to be spared.
It doesn't work that way.  Back up and read what was said of wheat and tares-fake wheat.  People who merely associate with Christian's don't gain salvation by association.  It doesn't work that way. 

You must choose to come to Christ on your own and you must repent from your sins, asking Jesus to forgive you and make you His own.  In Romans 12 we read of being trasnformed.  That is to be taken from being fake wheat and made into real the work of the Spirit of God within us.

Like in yesterday night's post...we must have the Spirit in us to be safe and secure from every scheme of the Devil and his minions.  Without the indwelling Holy Spirit...they have the potential to inhabit anyone.  Only with salvation does there come a 'no vacancy' sign upon a person.  

Only through the shed blood of Jesus can you be saved.  There are no multiple ways to be saved.  Jesus Himself said that HE is the Way. Singular. One. 

Oh the horror of those who died in the global flood as written in Genesis.  Yet compared to what's coming to this world in the judgments in the book of Revelation...they were spared the worst.  Most of them went immediately to Hell rather than suffered along the way.  In the 7 years of judgments, at various points, yes billions will go to Hell in an instant.  Still others will long for death but not find it.  They will be physically tormented in ways no man has thought could happen to them.  

Jesus is pleading with all to come to Him.  To get out of the drowning waters of life and into His lifeboat.   To be with Him for eternity is but a decision away from anyone.   We don't know what our today is going to be like.  Like a friend's husband.  You could stand up for another cup of coffee and leave this world before your body hits the floor.  You do not know how much longer you have any more than I do for myself.  I just know that my Jesus awaits me when my life on Earth is through.  

Jesus in Matthew 13 not only explained the 1 parable to His disciples, He took the time to cover it in other ways said to them.  He was making sure they understood completely.  Sadly even Judas understood yet didn't believe Him.  He was a tare among the wheat.  He was uprooted at the proper time, just as Jesus said would be happening in these parables that He explained to them.  Think on that one.  

Jesus doesn't just want you to get into His lifeboat.  He wants an intimate relationship with you.  He wants you to know Him and have a life to the full.  We believe what we're shown by others as to how good life can get.  The world teaches self.  Jesus teaches how to be selfless.  The world want you to do and be and go get what you can for you.  Jesus wants you to give away what He's given you...which is the good news that saved you.  

Are you faking it?  Are you going about life 'trying' to be good enough and thinking that you 'hope' Jesus will cut you some slack?  It certainly doesn't work that way.  Nobody will be 'cut some slack'.   In the Final Judgement after those horrific 7 years and after the 1,000 years that Jesus Himself rules the world, EVERY person who lived that hadn't already gone to be with Jesus will be shown how their ideas and their works didn't measure up to the requirement of salvation in Christ.  After all their thoughts, words, deeds are weighed...the final call is the book of Life.  Not written there, not going to be going anywhere but the lake of fire.

You are either safe by having salvation in Christ Jesus or your next destination is torment in Hell until that Final judgement when your next destination is the lake of fire.  Spending eternity paying for your own sins.  Eternity separated from God.  

Salvation is free it's available right now.  Stop believing the lies of this world about what happens to those who come to Christ.  Stop believing you're 'maybe' good enough.  Rely on the Spirit of God to make you right before God.  Don't listen to the lies swirling about your head about 'what happens to people who give in to Christianity'.   Satan cares not who goes to Hell.  He just doesn't want anyone to listen and be saved.  By you constantly saying no to the free gift of salvation in're doing exactly what Satan wants.  Oh the lies the world tells everyone about how to find joy and prosperity.  Jesus said that Satan is a liar and the father of lies.  Don't believe anything Satan tells you!  

For God so loved YOU that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life.  Read the next verses after John 3:16.  "For God did not send the Son into the world to judge the world, but so that the world might be saved through Him.  The one who believes is not judged; the one who does not believe has been judged already, because he has not believed in the name of the only Son of God.  And this is the judgment, that the Light (Jesus) has come into the world, and people loved the darkness rather than the Light (Jesus); for their deeds were evil.  For everyone who does evil hates the Light (Jesus), and does not come to the Light (Jesus), so that his deeds will not be exposed.  But the one who practices (lives) the truth comes to the Light (Jesus), so that his deeds will be revealed as having been performed in God."

I added the (Jesus) emphasis because if you read in the first chapter of the book of John you will read John describing Jesus as the Light.
By not coming to Christ, those who have not, are judged already.  The sentence just hasn't been carried out yet and won't until they breath their last.
Those who have been judged already love what Satan has to say and has to offer in this world rather than the truth of God in Christ Jesus.
The message of salvation is simple, so simple a child can understand it.  That's how easy the Father made it for you and I and everyone.

The next move is yours.  You who have not believed have a choice to make.  Those of you who have also have a choice to make each your life honoring what God has done through Jesus to save you or living for yourself.  Those who have not believed have consequences to face.  You're considered guilty in the eyes of God no matter what you might do in this life.  The choice is still with you as long as you have a breath to breathe.  

Jesus loves me this I know for the Bible tells me so.  Little one's to Him belong, they are weak but He is strong.  Yes Jesus loves me! Yes Jesus loves me. Yes Jesus loves me!  The Bible tells me so.

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