Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Those Hands

Those Hands
by David Brenneman 

Living in a new place, for those who don't do the satellite radio thing, out of necessity you have to find new radio stations.  I found one here that plays the older Gaither style music.  The kind you find at the tours that my Wife and I have had the privilege to be at. 

One such time of tuning in, I heard a song that was about nothing but the hands of Jesus.  I believe it was "Those Hands" by the Down East Boys.  

It was just one of those songs that evoked a lot of thinking about Jesus. 

I cannot yet locate the typed lyrics for that song but these are the thoughts that came to me.

Those Hands knew how to craft world's. 
Those Hands knew how to form me in my mother’s womb before I was. 
Those Hands knew how to change the direction of nature. 
Those Hands knew how to move the nations. 
Those Hands rested on Abraham's shoulder. 
Those Hands held a basket with one called Moses inside. 
Those Hands created the Heavens we see at night. 
Those Hands
Those Hands hold the broken hearted  
Those Hands hold the lives of trillions on their way in His protection 
Those Hands 
Those Hands were open to welcome hugs from children to bless them
Those Hands turned tables of in a Temple 
Those Hands shook the hands of many who didn't know who He was 
Those Hands patted people on the back to encourage their pursuit of a life in Christ 
Those Hands 
Those Hands were abused, nailed to a cross 
Those Hands were there for Thomas to see
Those Hands...where the lifeblood of my Savior came out for me 

Those Hands could build things with wood as His Earthly Dad would show Him how. That, I find amazing to consider.  The Hands that hold the Heavens were taught how to work with wood. What a thought!  How troubling and humbling it must have been for Joseph to realize that he was teaching God how to make a living in his world.  

That Joseph too, had questions. 

We would be hard pressed not to have heard Mark Lowery's "Mary Did You Know?".  

I have often wondered about Joseph.  

He held Jesus in his hands.  He probably helped teach the one who walked among the stars how to walk on Earth.  He helped teach Him how to talk. How to hold things with those hands that made the world.  What thoughts Joseph must have had!  For men feeling adequate for a job is huge. How do you feel adequate about raising the Son of God?  

That song really made me stop and think about life in a different way.   Jesus's hands did so much and are a symbol to all that "It is FINISHED!" happened.  His hands and His feet.  

We often do not marvel at the complexity of the hand until its immobilized. 

In your day today look around you and look at what's passed through His hands to get to you.   Scripture says that we who are in Christ have us in His very Hands. 

What are you going through that's been allowed by Him to mould and shape your life?

We are His workmanship...crafted by His Hands in much the same way as Adam and Eve were crafted by Him at the beginning of creation. 

We are placed, each one of us, in His body as He sees fit.  It's not on us to change that. It's not for us to reject that calling by which we have been called. Those Hands placed us there for His purpose and His reasons. 

His hands hold us when life is hard. When we are being lead through the valley of the shadow of death. His Hands hold that rod and that staff.  His Hands lay ahold of that stray one of us and brings us back to His fold. 

His Hands.  We have much to be thankful for if we but choose to open our eyes to see.  

Those Hands were stretched out on a cross at Calvary for you and me.  

Those Hands are as well as His Feet, that hole in His side, are all the evidence needed to show the Father the my sins are forgiven, I have been pardoned, I am adopted into the family of God. 

It's amazing what we can see when we stop to look.  We see things but don't see them.  A storyline in a television show is about a genius explaining to a mother what is really going on with her son because he understands her son.  After he's done she finally sees her son in a new light.  Understanding has come.  He's much more than she ever thought about. 

We miss out in life when we don't recognize the Hands of Jesus shaping our lives.  We give credit to others or even ourselves when it's always only been Jesus.  We give credit where credit isn't due.  We point people to man's solutions and it was really the work of God in us.

We only grow in Christ by the Spirit of God and our obedience. Our faith grows because we trust in what isn't seen and it's impact on what we do see. 

What are the things that the Spirit has really been trying to show you that you aren't seeing?  

In the Old Testament we read of some trusting in horses some in chariots by the writer trusts in the Name of our God. 

Man made things are no substitute for a right relationship with Jesus. Man made anything.  Man's thoughts are not His thoughts nor our ways His ways as the Bible says.

We cannot understand the mind of God but we can be taught of God if we are open to doing so.  Setting our minds on the things that are above and not on the things that are of this world. 

Oh the Hands of my Savior.  

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