Saturday, December 31, 2022

The Day Is Approaching

The Day Is Approaching
by David Brenneman

Revelation 22: 20 NASB  "He who testifies to these things says, "Yes, I am coming quickly." Amen. Come Lord Jesus."

Revelation 22:12-13 NASB "Behold, I am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me, to render to every man according to what he has done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end."
As this year wraps up, so has another journey for me through the Bible in a year.  Tomorrow, should tomorrow come, I will begin again going through it once more both through biblegateway's plan and the Life Principles Daily Bible.  It's been an amazing journey in this last year of reading.  Even more so when my LPDB arrived and I found it was about a day separated from similar passages to the biblegateway plan.  What was amazing was how much more stood out to me for covering it a second time. 

The day of the Lord is indeed fast approaching.  Was reading also the very last book of the Old Testament and it's amazing how that tied in directly with the end of Revelation.  The point to ponder when people wonder if indeed Jesus is returning is this:  As it was written of the Lord Jesus of Himself...had He ever not done as He purposed?  Had He ever not accomplished what was on His mind to do?  Was there ever an instance of His judgment not carried out?  

Oh people can look at this world, and for whatever foolish set of reasons, believe that it's getting better.  To look at things like social media video's and posts and the news as it's being reported...civilization is heading towards the return of Jesus.  Lovers of self, the focus on self from health to plain evil selfishness is increasing exponentially.  Evil is on the rise.  Sensationalism is what drives 'likes and thrumbs up'.  Intentionally pushing people to the breaking point and being surprised that they actually break such as the police.  People with no regard to consequences intentionally killing.  To see them in court...these people are not 'sick', they are demon possessed.  

Oh my hope is built on nothing less than Jesus blood and righteousness as the song goes.  This is also another year of watching my fingers type out what God brings to my mind to write.  I have wanted to be a writer ever since my first experience on a typewriter and a computer.  Yet all the things that I wanted to write about never could come together to be a written work.  Yet this blog has found it's way around this world and possibly the space station by the hand of God guiding it and taking it there.  Over 30 percent of the countries of the world and over 95,000 views.  I may hand out a card with the address on it for people here to find it but it's been the work of the Spirit that has people finding it online from other countries.

Jesus is indeed coming soon, the unexplainable excitement of that truth is growing.  The watching of video's of people rioting and getting away with it without legal recourse is what will be seen after ideals and the truth of Christianity is banned and outlawed.  It's going to happen.  Satan will be freer to slam the door shut to salvation in Christ after the Rapture of the Church.  People left behind will be given a choice of worshiping his chosen Antichrist or be beheaded.  Read the last chapters of the book of Revelation.  Beheadings will be making a comeback.  Yes even in this so-called 'civilized' world.  Look at those in the middle east who do not hold to certain teachings.  Beheadings happen right in the world today.  

It's serious business concerning your eternity that's at the heart of the battle between good and evil.  It's about you my Dear Reader.  When the passage reads in John 3:16 that He so loved you that He gave His only begotten Son...the stakes are that high.  You are valued in the eyes of God to the point that the most precious in the eyes of God the Father was given to take your place, to make it possible for you to not see death and eternal separation from God.

You do not want to still be here when the Church is taken from here.  The horrors of the consequences of Believers being taken from wherever they are, the accidents will be unparalleled.  The disruptions to the supply chain will be unparalleled.  There will be no bodies for funerals.  I firmly believe that even those who are Believers who gave organs will have those organs reclaimed and those who had them who were left behind will be in trouble.   Graves will be emptied of the bodies of those who were Believers, those bodies renewed and glorified and made whole again.   Those who are too young to know right from wrong will vanish right before the eyes of those who didn't believe.  

The truth of the Bible is very clear...sin will be dealt with.  There IS an end to it coming.  Jesus is affording every opportunity to everyone until a date set by His Father.  The judgements to come while intense were actually shortened or nobody would survive it.  Billions and billions will not survive it but had even in those days God's mercy hadn't come into play nobody would have lived through it.

Are you ready for a new year?  Are you ready for Jesus to return?  Both could happen in 2023.  Jesus is coming and with Him will be all who have died in Christ until that moment.  They will receive their glorified healed made whole bodies again.  Those of us who are alive at that time will vanish having received our own glorified made whole healed bodies.  Sin and it's effects completely removed from us all who have believed in Christ.  While we are in Heaven celebrating, this world will decend into a chaos unimagined.  The greatest of 'horror' writers could never fully capture what will happen in those 7 years. 

Jesus is at the door of the hearts of mankind from our neighbor's to those across the sea pleading to let Him come in and be the Lord of their life and the forgiver of their sin.  To be their Savior.  Is this you?  Are you still among those who are still resisting that knock?  

The Day of the Lord is not a fictional day.  It's a factual day that is indeed coming.  Are you going to be ready for it?  The world touts successes in things that have nothing to do with the critical need of the hour which is to know Jesus as Savior and Lord.  Those things are worthless.  Sports is worthless in light of salvation. Health is worthless in light of salvation.  Riches and wealth are worthless in light of salvation.  Success is worthless in light of salvation.  Possessions are worthless in light of salvation.  Travel is worthless in light of salvation.  Likes and thumbs up are worthless in light of salvation. 

Are you ready?  We are all a heartbeat away from whatever day it was that the Father set by His own authority. 

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