Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Slow Down

Slow Down 
by David Brenneman 

Our world seems to thrive on the push push push.  To not give the human mind a chance to recover from the last impactful thing that just happened. 

There's reason for that. As I read once "A tired body means a tired mind. Tired minds make mistakes".

How often do we see the world trying to rush Jesus in the 4 Gospels? 

More importantly, how often do we see Jesus ignore that push and either just Himself or Himself and His Disciples go away from it all?  

Jesus's non-rushed environment was in the presence of His Father. 

Our world absolutely does not want thinking people. Does not want anyone figuring out the plans of those who might hold some semblance of control over the masses.  This isn't a conspiracy theory, this is indeed Biblical.  When we pray for others, for those in authority over our lives, we cause world events to move towards what God wants and desires rather than what Satan wants or desires.  When we read that those prayers are a command in the Bible it makes sense as to why.  We aren't to just wing it in life. 

Our lives in Christ are to be spent as He sees fit by way of the Spirit's direction.  We need, even as the Disciples did, to slow down and spend time with Jesus.  To pray to OUR Father in Heaven as well.  Jesus said that when we came to Christ for salvation His Father became our Father too.

Peace and rest are certainly fought for in this world.  Many cannot find it and actually go out of their way to make sure others won't find it either.  These would be the toxic people in our lives. 

Jesus said it is His peace that He leaves with us.  It's something to pray for when we feel pressured.

This world has outright told us through various news services that it's their job to tell us what to think.  To rely on them and to ironically not put much thought behind what they tell us.  It's found in various video interviews of those exact words and ideas. Satan is "the ruler of this world". Defeated at the cross but he still persists at fighting.  Twisting and perverting the minds and lives of people. 

We are indeed in a world war over information. What we see, what we hear, it's all about the information.  We get told what to buy, what not to buy. We get told of how we must follow the standard of care in regards to health, even when it flies in the face of reason.  All to keep us from peace and rest. 

To slow down we need to be intentional. 
To slow down will mean sacrificing things and maybe relationships.  Our relationship with Jesus ought to be paramount. It's Biblical priorities. Love God with everything and then love people. Then introduce people to Jesus. 

It's ironic as well that a television stations order of programs is referred to as television programming.  The reality is its the public that's getting programmed.  People being desensitized to situations before they happen so as to make them more susceptible to instructions.  It's a psychological reality if you read up on it.

Staying on track...slow down.  Get with Jesus more often.  Do an Extreme Makeover if you must in your life to seek God's truth and not what the world defines as truth.  The world WILL lie to you. It has to in order to protect itself.  Everyone is expendable in the eyes of Satan. He cares not if the whole of humanity ends up in Hell as long as he can make his power grab for the Throne of God. 

Satan will try and his minions will try to offer sweet treats of distractions to you and I.  He will never be overt in anything. He is not going to wave a sign denoting "sin ahead!". For Believers in Christ he cannot possess them. He can't be where the Spirit of God resides. He can't read their minds either.  Based on his past successes and his knowledge of humanity he can figure out how best to derail the lives of Believers.  He knows how to make you so busy that you aren't aware of God in your life...even with "good" things. 

Jesus often took the Disciples away from everyone.  How often do you consider taking intentional time away to be with Him?  Our world wouldn't fight it so much and so hard if it wasn't important.  

This world is pushing information overload for a reason.  To keep the minds of humanity unaware of what is going on in it.

Slow down.  Remove distractions. Learn from God's Word. Discover real truth.  You find that pattern in the Gospels. Spend time in prayer with Jesus and talk to your Father in Heaven if indeed you are saved in Christ Jesus.  If not, let today be the day you discover salvation that is so rich and free and only found in a right relationship with Jesus Christ. 

We waste hours and hours of each day filling our minds with things only because they sound ok. Sound good. But are they beneficial?  

Slowing down and spending time with Jesus refills that well within us that Jesus said would be there.  If it was important enough for Jesus to teach it, it's important enough for His enemy to strive to prevent it.  Whatever is important to God is what is the enemy of God wants to twist, pervert, deny or to kill. 

Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you. 
Set your minds on the things that are above and not on the things that are of this world. 
Pray without ceasing. 

You see these post Gospel passages lived out in the life of Jesus in those Gospels. 
When We do do those things the peace of God will guard our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.  

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