Thursday, July 27, 2023

Looking But Will Not Find

Looking But Will Not Find 
by David Brenneman 

Many seek refuge from the ills of society in books, the theater, concerts, movies, games, television etc.  Seeking some semblance of personal peace.  Seeking what cannot be found outside of a right relationship with Jesus.  Some, brazenly shake a fist at God, demanding He show Himself.  Some, vehemently deny His existence and strive for every way to show that there is no God. 

Some aren't outspoken at all but do seek to know about the God of Heaven.

Jesus kept every single promise that He made to anyone.  Jesus came, according to the Scriptures. Jesus lived according to the Scriptures. Jesus died, was buried, and arose 3 days later, also, according to the Scriptures.  No one else in human history has been able to do everything that Jesus did and said.

He told people up front that we will not know the day nor the hour of His return, but to be alert.  Be ready.  

Are you?  Would a look of your week thus far show any indication that you were ready to see Jesus face-to-face? 

There will be no warning. 

This isn't going to go like it does in every cinematic blockbuster movie or television show, or streaming feature.  

People do not realize that their place of "escape", is meant to desensitize them to the truth about the reality of the return of Jesus Christ.  People are programmed by the programming of television, movies, streaming etc.  This world, for the moment, is Satan's world. He has been twisting the Word of God for centuries. Has been trying to capture the Throne of God since iniquity was found in him and he was cast down from Heaven.  He does not want people believing in, nor to be considering, the truths of God's word. 

He doesn't want people taking the Word of God as true.  He knows that there IS a day set by the Father for Jesus to return.  He does not want you, me, or anyone, being ready for it. 

He wants us to be so accustomed to living for self that we don't seek Jesus in anything in our lives. To keep us from making disciples, from teaching others to observe all that Jesus commanded.  Satan knows that there indeed WILL be a person who will be the bookend to the age of Christianity.  The thief on the cross being the first. 

When that last person to be saved is saved, then that is it.

No sign from Heaven to be observed by the world.  Other than the obvious that millions of people will vanish in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye and globally disasters will happen all at once.

If you at all believe that Jesus was, was who He said He was, and know that He always spoke the truth...then you know that being ready is what you ought to be. 

How well do you feed your mind, your heart and your soul?  How much time do you spend on praying, on reading your Bible? How much do you spend on you doing your own thing? How much do you spend on things that do nothing for you Spiritually? 

Seriously, we either prolong the return of Jesus Christ or we hasten it.  The plan of God the Father was to have Jesus teach the Disciples, who became the Apostles. Then for them to teach others to observe all that Jesus commanded. Making more disciples.  

Personally I am trying to eat better Spiritually.  What about you?  I know that the return of Jesus Christ is very likely going to happen in my lifetime. Pretty much there are no more prophecies that need to happen before Jesus comes back.  Meaning it can be at any time. 

The warnings about how churches will become in the letters it's to the Thessalonians and the letters to Timothy are what's happening today in the so-called churches of the world.  Churches that preach the whole counsel of God are extremely rare.  Churches that are little more that self-centered places to just get a pick-me-up are everywhere.  Preaching churches that tell the need to repent and turn to Jesus to be saved are few and far between.

Are you really ready to stand before Jesus?  Are you at all filling your heart with the Word of God?  Is what's important to Jesus important to you?  Are you hung up on denominations?  Are you hung up on just being better than so-and-so?   Are you at all seeking for you what God's will is for you? 

Do you seek your sanctification in Christ Jesus?

Do you set your mind on things above and not on the things that are of this world?

Are you developing your friendship with Jesus?  

Will shame grip you in that instant you stand before Jesus or will it be joy at being with Him at long last?

Make more time to be in prayer, in the Word of God.  Make more of your days than you are. 

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