Sunday, September 1, 2019

Seeking God and Moving Day

It is an affront to sovereign God to treat Him like a servant who should wait upon us. God will relate to us on His terms, not ours. God desires a close walk with us. He will make His presence real and personal if that is our desire. If we repent of our sin and seek God on His terms, we can look forward to intimate fellowship with Him (James 4:8–10). We are to continually seek Him, not content to enter a new day without the assurance that God is walking beside us. Do you say you want to experience God's presence while your actions reveal otherwise? If you say you want to know God better but neglect studying His Word, are you truly seeking Him? Have you regularly forsaken the place of prayer? If your actions reveal that you are genuinely seeking God, then He promises that you will find Him (Matt. 7:7). - Blackaby

To be honest, this was part of the heart of the reasons why this blog got started.

I was really noticing the futility of things.  Of 'things' and things. Of the wasted lives on futile endeavors and those things that did nothing for me.  Things as it relates to possessions.  So much waste in the things that I have bought over the years. So much waste in things that I have devoted part of me to over the years. 
Wasted passion and wasted time as a couch potato.  Wasted energy doing things that didn't really produce something worth while.

It was several years ago when I had come to realize a whole lot of this. God opened up my Spiritual eyes and began showing me the inventory of my mind and heart.

Scary. Really. I was at a point in life where I was looking for a goal. Looking for something bigger than me to shoot for.  Looking for a career.  A direction.  Something to put my energies into that might last.  Then I ger shown a lot of the baggage that I keep carrying around by Jesus. 

Consider this.  Inside of you is you and your Savior.  You opened the door to you and begged Him to enter.  He came in, changed the lock, closed and locked the door.  He was here to stay.  Then the rooms of our mind were illuminated by His light. All the paths we have worn in the floors between piles of useless thoughts and intentions. Of bad choices and good ones. Of rumors and facts. Of lies and truths.  Of dirty dishes and things we never got around to forgetting.  Of things learned that we forget from lack of use and things learned that should have been forgotten or not learned.

He saw it all and for the first time, so did we.

We were in shock at the sight!  The one we called upon to save us was here and there was this mess!

Yet He made no attempt to leave. He put that new key to the door of our heart on a chain and put it around His neck. 

We began to panic. Oh the mess! Oh the embarrassment! The shame!  What we wanted to do was hide.  Yet Jesus reached out, pulled us to Him and held on tight. Our dirty entryway and dirty clothes would not keep us from His Love. Would not keep us from His Grace and Mercy.
He speaks soft kind words to us. "Shh. It's ok My Child. I am not leaving. I will help you.  We will make sense of all this. We will make your mess to have a life and a purpose that I really intended you to have. I love you too much to leave you this way."
On my part my tears flow. I am beside myself.  I just cry and both want to be held and want to run at the same time.  My sin nature is here!  As if knowing my thoughts, He speaks to them. "Yes, I know. But greater am I than the sin that is in you. I have the power over it. Oh My Child, I have been to the cross and came back to bring you life. To bring you freedom. You, My Child, need to trust me.  When, not if, when I begin to clean you up. There's going to be pain. Going to be times when it gets rough.  But I promise you that I will never leave you. You will experience fear and experience my forgiveness and love. There will be things that I will be getting rid of.  Trust me to always do whatever is best for you and i guarantee you will love the results.  Don't be afraid to ask me things.  Don't be afraid to just ask to be held again.  I love it when you hold onto Me. I love it when you are in My Word. It always makes me glad when we talk. Now. Let's get started. Ok?"

Keeping the right perspective on our life with Christ is everything.  We cannot go out into this world as if Jesus were only an emergency kit.  He isn't duct tape, a paperclip, chewing gum wrapper and a Swiss Army knife.  He isn't your personal MacGyver. 

This post was a first for me.  It always amazes me how God makes it flow.

My life took some hard turns several years ago when Jesus opened a window in my heart and emptied a few rooms. He again asked me to trust Him.  This was both for my good and to help me become who He meant for me to be. It hurt so bad!  Separation from stuff that I had long ago forgotten.  Then I saw the room for what it was.  Interestingly it left me quietly asking...can you show me more?

At this Jesus smiled. 

This blog and many other things began to happen.  I would ask about situations and people.  He would reveal things that there's no earthly way that I should know.
Impossible for me to know.  Really impossible to know.  Something would happen and I simply would ask the question on my mind and He would answer.  I find myself hearing His voice more and more. 

Oh I still fall now and again.  Sin hasn't left me yet.  When Christ returns and takes me home to be with Him.  That sin nature will be evicted.  Jesus forgives me.  Helps me get back on my feet.  Reminds me that He is still there. 

What about you? 

Do you live a different life apart from God? Apart from a Sunday Morning are you a different person?  Have you confined Jesus to your front room or have you come to the point of letting Him into whatever room He chooses?

My friend, Jesus didn't come to you in order to live in the entrance of your heart. He came to give you a new life. Before Him there was no light in you to see the real you. You did whatever you wanted regardless.

Let the light of Christ shine.  It's ok to be afraid of what He finds. He knows all about it anyway.  Hold onto Him. He will help you become what you were meant to be.

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