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In our large world it's easy to feel that we are nothing more than an insignificant speck in the midst of a multitude. Our world tends to depersonalize us, seeking to make us like everyone else, but God loves us in specific ways that are particular to us. Jesus was on His way to Jerusalem to fulfill His assignment on the cross. The multitudes thronged around Him in such numbers that the diminutive Zacchaeus could not see Jesus unless he climbed a tree. Zacchaeus would have been satisfied simply to catch a glimpse of the great Teacher. But Jesus stopped, turned, and looked directly at him! In that moment, Zacchaeus was oblivious to the crowd around him. Thus began a special time with Jesus that radically changed his life. Jesus will relate to you in ways that are unique to you. He knows your past; He knows what you will face in the future. Because He knows everything about you, His word to you will perfectly fit the circumstances of your life. You may be in a group of Christians who are listening to God's Word, and you may hear things from Him that no one else hears. Don’t become frustrated with others if they are not as excited about a truth from God as you are. Don’t be impatient with them if they are not implementing God's Word in their lives exactly as you are. God will personalize His word to you. He will relate to each of your friends in a way that specifically meets their needs as well. - Blackaby

Many know the story of Zacchaeus. A not so tall man who just wanted to at least SEE Jesus.

What caught my eye first in this devotional was what Blackaby said of this world.  "Our world tends to depersonalize us, seeking to make us like everyone else, but God loves us in specific ways that are particular to us."

I have seen this for many years in the workplace.  The thinking that anyone can be brought off the street to do what we do.  The truth is that's the farthest thing from the truth.  Yet also outside of work is the push by some towards socialism.  Again that all we do is for others and not ours.  That everyone should conform to someone else's standards. 

But in Christ we are His Creation.  We are adopted. Jesus treats each one of us differently, yet the same.  At various times in my life, I have been actually DIScouraged by those who ought to be encouraging people in the faith. 

Jesus is God. His love for each of us knows no bounds.  He will sit with every person who comes to Him to be saved in order to help them find victory.  To help them become more like Him.  As it is in the physical world it is in the Spiritual. People grow at different levels. 

"His word to you will perfectly fit the circumstances of your life."  This is something that I wish I would have learned decades ago.  I crave learning at times.  To see Jesus connect the dots of my thoughts is amazing to me. 

To see something in Scripture that I had missed the dozen or so times that I have read it before. 

There's been times when I have shared an experience with God that was so powerful that to write it out just seems so plain. The emotions behind it aren't translatable.
The feelings behind it aren't translatable.
It's my guess that it's those kinds of things that are meant to be for me alone.

So it will likely be for you, as well.  Scripture says that if we seek Him we will find Him, if we search with all our hearts.

Each of us is unique in His eyes and hands.  Each of us has a part to be in His body here on earth. 

"You may be in a group of Christians who are listening to God's Word, and you may hear things from Him that no one else hears."  This happens to me a lot.  More than I ever realized.  This devotional blog is one huge example.  Over 200 days straight of Jesus bringing me words to say that, on my own, never could have happened.  I have strived to be a writer for decades.  Ever since Junior high English at my Vocational school.  It was putting thought to words. Over the years I have started writing dozens of books.  None have made it to print.  Thought about writing one on past posts on Facebook.  But that stalled too.  Then God opened the door of opportunity to do this blog.
It's gone places where any physical book could never go. 

Scripture says every morning His mercy is new. Every day His promises are real and binding.  Each day begins with new words to write that, when I go back to reading them, blow my mind. 

What does God need you to be doing?  God needs me to be doing something? Yes.

The Father's plan was to leave the Gospel in the hands of 12 ordinary men.  To empower them by His Spirit.  Seal them and all those who come to Christ for the free gift of salvation and in turn use them to tell others. As people are added to the ranks of the saved, there's new assignments for them.  As we are being made (His workmanship) into the likeness of Jesus, we have things to do. 

Was also reading in Proverbs today, chapter 3.  Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your path straight.

Zacchaeus just wanted a glimpse of Jesus.  Jesus isn't satisfied with that. He is a personal Savior.  We are not a number to Him. We are adopted. 

Adoption in this world today isn't like it was back then.  In their time, an adoption held more power than a birthright.  Once it's completed in the public circle, it cannot be undone.  Rights and privileges are bestowed that came with this process.  We are permanently adopted by God. As it says in 2 Corinthians, sealed in the Spirit.  We can't break this binding adoption and God says He never will.  That's part of what "it is FINISHED!" means.

Jesus wants time with you.  Wants to share Himself with you.  Wants to heal your hurts.  Calm your mind and heart.  To show you oh so much more than the world can offer.


You were so important to Jesus that before you came to be, He already knew all about you...and died for you anyway.


You were on His mind when He was on the cross.


You are on His mind even now.  Do you realize the Creator of the universe thinks about you? 

Go ahead.  Climb up your tree. Once you get up there, you will look for Jesus and in turn find that He's been looking for you.

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