Thursday, October 17, 2019

Never Been a Moment

But David thought to himself, “One of these days I will be destroyed by the hand of Saul.” 1 Samuel 27:1

 This thought of David’s heart was a false one. He certainly had no reason to think that God’s anointing of him by Samuel would ultimately be an empty, purposeless act. There had never been an occasion when the Lord had deserted his servant; David had often been placed in perilous positions, but there was never a time in which divine intervention had not delivered him. The trials he faced had been varied; they had not assumed only one form—yet in every case the One who sent the trial had also graciously prepared a way of escape. David could not point to any entry in his diary and say, “Here is evidence that the Lord will forsake me,” for all the experiences of his life proved the very reverse. He should have argued, from what God had done for him, that the Lord would continue to defend him. But isn’t this just the way that we doubt God’s help? Our mistrust has no cause. Have we ever had the shadow of a reason to doubt our Father’s goodness? Hasn’t His lovingkindness been marvelous? Has he failed to justify our trust even one time? Ah, no! Our God has never, ever left us. - C.H. Spurgeon Morning and Evening 

"Never Been a Moment " Micah Tyler 
I've been sinner
I've been a saint
A little bit of both every single day
I've been lost
But somehow I've been found
There's been some pain
Been some regret
Been some moments I'll never forget
But when I look back
From where I'm standing now

There's never been a moment
I was not held inside your arms
And there's never been a day when you were not who you say you are
Yours forever, it don't matter
What I'm walking through
'Cause no matter where I'm going
There's never been a moment that I was not loved by you
Loved by you
Loved by you

You've been the rock
You've been the peace
Always showing your good heart to me
My days are marked by grace I don't deserve, no
You've been the price I could never pay
You've been the light that has led the way

It's interesting these were part of what God's brought today.  In Our Daily Bread there's the point of bitter pills to swallow.  Those whom was given a scroll to eat from God that was sweet to the mouth like honey yet bitter to the stomach.  They were saying that truth is often the opposite, unless you were becoming more accustomed to the truth being for your good and not the opposite. 

We often go right straight for the worst case scenario in our lives.  We see how bad things are and get out a mental slide ruler and look for the inevitable bottomless pit of despair at the end. 

We look and cry out that the storm is raging and my hope is gone.  Peter somehow had the different thought when he saw the raging storm and Jesus in the middle of it.  Consider that.  Here's 12 men in a boat. All seasoned fishermen who were no strangers to storms.  They have had their share of them.  So as they are working out how to get back to land, Peter looks out and sees Jesus walking on the water like it's normal.  
Do we know enough about storms?
Do we look for Jesus in the storm?

King David, as Spurgeon was saying, made a very irrational statement.  He should have known better.  But don't we all?  Didn't the same Disciples cry out in another storm while Jesus was asleep in the boat?

I have often forgotten thst myself.  There's no place I can be that Jesus isn't there.  No place that I can lay my head to sleep that He isn't standing watch over me. 

If I truly believe Proverbs that the mind of man plans his ways but the Lord directs his steps...then when God's truth comes indeed it won't be a bitter pill to swallow. 

If I spend time with Jesus what He speaks will be more familiar that the noise of the storm. 

There's never been a moment when He wasn't right here with me.  There's plenty of times when I have stumbled and fallen,  failed, in my walk with God that I wished He wasn't.  But He has been there. Ready to forgive and get me back on my feet again.  

Trust not in men, who might not direct you in God's truth.  Go directly to the source.  Peter called out to Jesus that if it was Him, to command him to join Him.

This is its own truth.  Just because you see a storm and may see God in it...ask if you are to get involved in it. It just may be that your role is to pray for those involved. Not for you to interrupt or interfere. 

You will never find a single instance of your life, believers, never find, a moment where you were left to fend for yourself. 

We can make some seriously boneheaded choices, decisions if you will, but those are on us.  Seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness.  Not the 3rd or 4th string attempts.  

I have either been someone's answer to a prayer or I wasn't helping them at all. Listening as Philip did is the key.  Obeying when commanded.  Cut out the negative thinking.  Get rid of the fear of the storm and realize who stand in the middle of it, not impressed by its raging.  Because He is Lord over the storm. 

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