Thursday, May 7, 2020

Gonna take some work.

Look, the Lord your God has set the land before you; go up and possess it, as the Lord God of your fathers has spoken to you; do not fear or be discouraged. Deuteronomy 1:21 

One of the paradoxes of the Christian life is that God's gifts often require labor on our part. God brought the Israelites to the Promised Land and told them He was going to “give” it to them (Num. 13:2). This sounded great to the Israelites until they realized that, with the gift, came battles against giants and fortified cities! Perhaps they assumed God was going to obliterate the inhabitants of the land before they entered. Ideally for the Israelites, they could then have entered a vacant land with houses and cities already built and ready to inhabit. Instead, God said they would have to fight for it. They would not have to fight in their own strength, however; God would be present to fight for them. God would bring down the walls of cities, give them strategies to defeat their enemies, and empower their warriors to fight. The Israelites would have a divine advantage over anyone they fought, but they would still have to fight. It would be wonderful if, when we become Christians, God would fill our minds with a complete knowledge of the Bible and with Bible verses already memorized. It would be easy if God would instill in us a delight for spending hours in prayer each day and a fearless desire to share our faith with others. But God doesn’t relate to us that way. Instead, He gives us the free gift of His salvation and then tells us to “work out” our salvation in fear and trembling (Phil. 2:12b). But don’t be discouraged! God's gifts to you are perfect because, through them, He makes you perfect as well (Matt. 5:48; James 1:17). - Blackaby Experiencing God Day by Day 

It's going to take work. 

Words a few generations now don't want to hear.  Those same said people are expecting handouts. Freebies. Garnering a sense of entitlement.  They not only have needs but a belief that others should fill them such as the government. 

Even in our walk as Christians it takes work.  Watching a baby grow you see the wheels turning within their eyes on this whole new to them thing called mobility. 

Then, when they are comfortable enough with crawling they use that confidence to start to walk.  Then comes running.  But the part they begin to rebel against most is being told to sit still.  

It's a learning process with not much thought to the environment. Adults see far more than they do. Through experience they see the potential dangers.  They know the anxious heart of ones so little. 

God does too, with us.  We want and ask. Yet with little regard to the consequences. 
We don't know of the dangers around the corner. 

It takes time and learning.  It takes energy and effort. It takes disappointment along with success. 

We don't just wake up one day in the 1st grade and have a firm grasp on Calculus.  

We don't enter the second grade with a full understanding on how to cook extravagant meals.  

We can't run a race we are called to run in Christ without first going through training.  To learn how to crawl, then walk, and THEN run.

Then more is built upon that.  There's more than one kind of running.  The circumstances and terrain determine your training in the real world the same as the Spiritual world.  Just the way it is. 

What God shows me today, He wouldn't have shown me decades ago because I wasn't ready for it.  Time and training, which HAS to include obedience and trust, bring about the desired results. 

If a runner doesn't trust their trainer, how will they become a world class athlete?

We who are in Christ are on a journey. It has ups and downs. Valleys and mountains.  Waters to cross and deserts a plenty.  In everything we are to give thanks.  To speak the truth in love.  To build up, not to tear down, unless it's false teachings and ideology. To use the truth of God to reveal His truth to the world. 

It's going to take effort.  Just as there were promises made to Israel, God has made promises to His Church.  Every one is kept. Every one is as important as the ones before it.  

Where is your mind today? Is it on the scenery you face, or on Jesus who travels with you? It's easy to get lost in the scenery.  Both the good kind and the bad.  Both pull at us for the same reasons. We can get an overwhelming feeling from either. Our feelings can wreak havoc on our souls if we let them.  Trusting the truth of God is what brings us back to solid ground.  Peter was ok when his eyes were on Jesus and not the scenery. When his confidence took over and he took his eyes of who he was with, he began to sink. 

Keep your eyes on your Savior this day my dear reader.  Many things are going to vie for your attention. To take your mind places it doesn't need to go.  To worry, to concerns, to grief even.  Jesus promised a peace that passes all understanding. Do you believe Him? Then ask for it!
Jesus promised never to leave us nor forsake us. Believe it? Ask Him more about it!   It's going to take work on your part in this life. 

Obedience takes work.  Just like the Israelites and Disciples, obedience brings forth revelations from God. You cannot understand the things of God unless you are in Christ.  Scripture says so. Because they are Spiritually discerned.  Only the Spirit of God can explain the Word of God. 

Push up your sleeves and get ready.  Because we are heading towards a deeper need to be in God's Word.  A deeper need to be in prayer.  A deeper need to be in obedience even if the world doesn't get it.

Scripture says that it has to be fulfilled. 

Our world is changing ONLY because of that. Putting your faith in man and what he can provide will always leave you disappointed.  Putting your faith in God will leave you wondering why you ever tried to have faith in man.  The results are everything. 

People are raging and swearing at what governments are doing.  But God's Word will prevail.  It's going to take work to keep out eyes on what God is doing and on Christ in the midst of the storm.  Only we can take our eyes off Jesus in the storm.  Nobody distracted Peter but Peter.  

Be in prayer. Have a grateful heart. Keep your heart attitude right before God. Be in the Bible.  Don't think for a moment that it's safe to just slide on by in life.  

Jesus is coming soon.  Wouldn't you rather be found by Him doing that which you ought to have been doing? 

Pray for one another. 
Pray for our leaders. 
Pray for ourselves that we not fall into temptations. 
Keep your eyes on things above and not on the things of the world.  

Be found by Christ investing what He has given us. 

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