Monday, May 4, 2020

Is Jesus YOUR 'I am'?

Will a man make gods for himself, which are not gods? Jeremiah 16:20 NKJV 

One great, ongoing sin of ancient Israel was idolatry, and we of the spiritual Israel are troubled with a tendency to the same foolishness. Rephan’s star no longer shines (Acts 7:43) and the women no longer weep for Tammuz (Ezekiel 8:14)—but money still tempts us with his golden calf and our shrines of pride have not been forsaken. Self in its various forms struggles to subdue God’s chosen ones under its dominion, and the flesh sets up its altars wherever it can find space for them. Favorite children are often the cause of much sin in believers—the Lord is grieved when He sees us doting too much on our offspring. They will live to be as great a curse to us as Absalom was to David; in extreme cases, they might be taken from us to leave our homes desolate. If Christians desire to stuff their sleepless pillows with thorns, let them dote on their dear ones. It is truly said that they are not gods, for the objects of our foolish love are very doubtful blessings—the comfort they now give us is dangerous, and the help they can give us in the hour of trouble is little indeed. Why then are we so bewitched with vain things? We pity the poor tribesman who adores a god of stone, yet we worship the god of gold. Where is the vast superiority between a god of flesh and one of wood? The principle, the sin, the folly is the same in either case. But the crime is aggravated in ours because we have more light, and we still sin in the face of it. The heathen bow to a false deity, without ever knowing the true God. We commit two evils, by forsaking the living God and turning to idols. May the Lord purge this serious sin from all of us! The dearest idol I have known, Whate’er that idol be, Help me to tear it from thy throne, And worship only thee. “O for a Closer Walk with God,” William Cowper (1772)  - C.H. Spurgeon Morning and Evening 

I was reading this morning in the Old Testament of Elijah versus the prophets of Baal.  Over 850 versus 1.  Odds like that the ever wavering people of Israel were still undecided. Yet after all that happened, with the Lord prevailing, they cried out "The Lord! He is God! The Lord! He is God!"

At that point the largest idol in Israel was obliterated.  Yet more were sucked in to take its place. 

We live in a similar situation.  Idolatry is rampant.  Money being one of the biggest.  As the quote from a popular movie said "You know the golden rule? He who has the gold makes the rules?"

Idolatry has taken a massive hit in the last 60 days.  It has? Yes, it has.  Idolatry for decades has been a defining thing in this world.  Sports, movies, actors and actresses.  Political leaders, even children.  People both believers and unbelievers putting their own children on a pedestal much as David did of his son Absolom. 

Our governments are using money to control the masses.  Everyone through its power and fear of loss.  

But what does God say? The most popular verse on it is you cannot serve two masters you cannot serve God and money. 

Is Jesus Christ alone your I AM?

The Lord, is He God to you?  My friend, the largest thing to take away from all this pandemic is WHAT IS GOD trying to do and say?  Not what you need to fear or do. What is God doing? Not what rights you no longer have or are threatened with not having, what is God accomplishing?

He is doing His work, constantly. 

He is removing idols. He is preparing this world for the end.  There's no utopia on the horizon where mankind prevails in his own power and might.  It's not going to happen. 

Soon 7 years of judgements are coming that make this pandemic look like a spring break.  Billions will die. Those who remain who still refuse Christ, will, and I do mean will be forced to worship the Antichrist. Worship or you don't eat or buy or sell.  

Even through that, Jesus is still the I am.

At the end of that will begin a thousand year reign of Jesus Christ on the Earth. In person. This world will know what living for Jesus is all about.  They will see what life really is about. 

It's coming.   When He walked this Earth in His ministry, when asked in the Garden of Gethsemane, when He replied "I am" all the soldiers fell back.  The power in His use of His Name!

He is the I am.  But is He your I am? Is He your Savior and Lord?  It's almost comical to me to see a smidgen of a taste of a world where the largest idols have been displaced.  What people online are doing with their time.  What corporations are wanting people to do with their time. 

I have not been watching much of television in recent years.  The mockery of Christianity on it is too much.  The pushing of Satan's agenda on it is too much to bear.  I watch instructional videos mostly.  Something to learn.  Been building things that I hadn't had time to. Been writing this blog every day. Been praying and being in my Bible every day.  To me the Lord, He IS God.  Is He yours?

My friend take your eyes off what you have gained and lost in this time.  Look at where you are with Christ.  This life WILL have an end. In that moment will you stand before the I am, as being judged by Him or as being welcomed home by Him?

As Scripture says of making decisions and choices, do it while it's still daylight for night is coming when it will be too late. 

Your rights don't mean anything in light of eternity.  They really don't.  Because in Christ we laid them at the foot of the cross.  For those who haven't, their rights are meaningless next to the judgment of God against them.  Summary judgment has already taken place.  Dying without Christ means judgment beginning in Hell. Dying with Christ means no judgement and life really begins in Heaven.  Everyone is born in sin. The Bible says the wages of sin is death. Summary judgment. Already condemned. Only those, in coming to Christ for Salvation, find that judgment replaced by Grace.  They find redemption. 
They are stamped with a holy stamp saying Paid in Full.  Jesus died that we may live. 

Is Jesus your God? Is He your I am?
Or are you doing like the prophets of Baal, crying out in anger and anguish over all that you are losing from your idols?

Choose today if you haven't.  

Quit being like the children of Israel. 

Like them, you will find that it is only the Lord Jesus who will answer. 

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