Sunday, May 17, 2020

Power in His Authority

And they were astonished at His teaching, for He taught them as one having authority, and not as the scribes. Mark 1:22 

Jesus was not the first person to teach the Scriptures to a group of disciples. The people in Jesus’ day had heard other teachers of the Scriptures. What set Jesus apart was that He taught with authority. To many of the scribes, the Scriptures were meaningless, dry collections of theological speculation, but Jesus taught them as the living words of God. John the Baptist claimed that a man could only receive that which had been given to him by God (John 3:27). When the religious leaders searched the Scriptures, they came away empty-handed. When Jesus read the same Scriptures, the Father gave Him a full measure of His wisdom and His authority. There is a radical difference between practicing religion and sharing a word directly from the Lord. There is a significant difference between worldly reasoning and counsel that comes straight from the living Word of God. Is it possible to teach a message from the Bible but not from the Lord? Yes! The scribes and Pharisees did this regularly and left their listeners spiritually destitute. Is it possible to counsel someone with advice that seems appropriate and reasonable and yet is contrary to God's Word? Of course! Whenever you teach, counsel, or share a word of encouragement, be very careful that the words you share are indeed from the Lord and are not just your own thinking. Otherwise, you could become a false prophet (Deut. 18:20–22). God promises to stand by every word He has ever spoken (Isa. 55:10–11). When you share a word that has come from God, you can do so with utmost confidence! - Blackaby Experiencing God Day by Day 

There are indeed those in our world who are trying oh so hard to influence others towards a particular agenda.  Both in the Church and in the World. 

What's going on in both is a two fold plan. What you see and what you don't see. 

We battle not against flesh and blood, the Scriptures say.  Which easily implies a duality of things. What we see and what we don't. 

We in the Church hear from hopefully Godly people, teaching -again hopefully- Godly wisdom to bring us to a more Christ like life. 

Outside the Church the very same thing happens in the world.  People both knowingly and unknowingly get taught the world's version of wisdom. Both by what is seen and unseen. 

As Blackaby points out only the Scriptures, to a believer, bring about a transformative life in Christ.  The Scribes, Pharisees and Sadducees all had the Scriptures.  Everyone in THIS world has access to the Scriptures just the same as they did.  Yet apart from God, apart from the indwelling Holy Spirit, it's just words.

Coming to Christ is essential.  Otherwise, my friend, it's the same as reading in the dark. You have a life changing, life altering, life engaging, book in your hands, but you can't see the words. Jesus is the light of the world.  The Holy Spirit illuminates the Word of God to our thoughts and actions. 
And as Scripture says "apart from Me you can do nothing".

You can live this life, both as a Christian and a non-Christian. You can make it from birth to death, apart from the Bible.  But without it, your life won't be transformed into what it could be through the Holy Spirit. Jesus, when He spoke with authority, made the Word of God come alive.  It was, in the words of the Disciples, burning within them.  The Scribes, Pharisees and Sadducees heard the same thing and got nothing.  Whitewashed tombs they had been called.  No Holy Spirit, no transformation. 

I don't write what I do because of me. The writers of the Scriptures didn't write because of themselves.  When God puts it upon the heart of man to write, you just do.  The intended audience may read it or they may not.  Jeremiah was told ahead of time that they wouldn't heed his words. 
If the writers of the Scriptures had Google ratings from people they likely would be near zero most of the time. How many people would give them 5 stars on Amazon?

The world isn't at all part of the approval system of God.  Jesus was despised and rejected by man. He was beaten and killed. Hung on a cross. Three days later arose from the dead.  Encouraged His Disciples.  But warned them that the world hated me they will hate you too. Told them they too will no longer be of this world.  They will be of the Kingdom of God. They will be ambassadors of Christ.  They would indeed face persecution.  The truth and power of Christ certainly was and is the reality of Christianity throughout the last 2 thousand years or so. 

My dear reader, first, you must come to Christ.  You need his gift of Salvation. You need to receive the Word of God in your life. Once saved, the light of Christ comes to be within you.  Then the Scriptures come alive for you.  Then, as the Scriptures also say, He who began a good work in you will continue it until the day of Christ Jesus.  

I brag not of my accomplishments in this world.  Although this world proclaims you should be known by them.  As Paul says, so do I, if I boast in anything, I boast in the Lord.  In His work in my life.  In how He has changed me. Of how He can change you. 

I can look at the stats if this blog and can either be blown away or discouraged by them.  It matters not.  I am to obey in writing.  God gives me something to write so I do.  It's obedience after believing. 

The power of Christ is in His words. Not mine.  The world cannot understand them because they are Spiritually discerned.  The Bible tells us that.  Much of what I write is often above even me to fully grasp.  

Even I ask Jesus questions throughout my life about His Word. We will never read it enough to understand it all. As the Spirit teaches, we learn. 

The power is in the Spirit to bring understanding to the mind.  

If you are reading more about things in this world than you do God's Word, you, my friend need to look again at your priorities. 

Nothing else you will take into your heart and mind and soul will ever change you like the Word of God can and will. 

Make time today.  Make it a habit. Ask the Spirit to explain it.  He loves to teach. 

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