Sunday, June 7, 2020

More than a Nametag

Are they Israelites? So am I. 2 Corinthians 11:22 

We have here a personal claim, and one that needs proof. The apostle knew his claim was indisputable, but there are many people who have no right to the title who still claim to belong to the Israel of God. If we want to declare, Are they Israelites? So am I, let us say it only after we have searched our hearts in the presence of God. But if we can offer proof that we are following Jesus, if we can say from the heart, “I trust Him entirely, and trust only Him only; I trust Him simply, trust Him now, and trust Him forever,” then the position the saints of God hold belongs to us too. All their enjoyments are our possessions. We may be the very least in Israel, “the least deserving of all God’s people” (Ephesians 3:8 NLT). But since the mercies of God belong to His people simply as saints—not as advanced saints or well-taught saints—we can make our plea and say, “Are they Israelites? So am I. Therefore the promises are mine, grace is mine, glory will be mine.” This claim, made correctly, is one that will produce untold comfort. When God’s people are rejoicing that they are His, what a happiness it is to say, So am I! When they speak of being pardoned and justified and accepted in the Beloved, how happy you will be to respond, “Through the grace of God, so am I.” This claim has not only its pleasures and privileges, but also conditions and duties. We must share with God’s people in clouds as well as sunshine. When we hear them treated with contempt and ridicule for being Christians, we must come forward boldly and say, So am I. When we see them working for Christ, giving their time and talent and whole heart to Jesus, we must be able to say, “So do I.” Oh, let us prove our gratitude by our devotion. May we live like those who, having claimed a privilege, are willing to take the accompanying responsibility. C.H. Spurgeon Morning and Evening 

This was last night's devotion.  Take a good look at it.  Re-read it.  Read it again. 

There are those today whom refer to themselves as Christian who are in name only.  There was no life changing event in them at the foot of the cross. 

We are not living in a time of a resurgence of the Church.  It's not going to happen. Read in Revelation. The letters to the Church sent by Jesus through John. Jesus Himself asked the question even before the letters were written and sent. Would He find the faith when He returns?

There might be small bursts of revival that can happen.  But the Church won't be dominant when Christ returns. 

There are so many warnings in Scripture of wolves in sheep's clothing.  People who are not saved infiltrating the Church. Then you have those outside the Church trying to shut the doors of Churches because it's a reminder of sin that the world believes it's their right to live in.

In many posts God's directed me to write the same question about Salvation.  Are you truly saved?  The Jews of Jesus's day believed they were the chosen people of God.  But it was in name only.  They wanted the perks of members but not the responsibility. There are a great deal of people in the Church who are the exact same people as they.  They want to be close to the fire but don't really want the transformation.  

How many sins does it take to go to Hell? 
How many does it take to never see Heaven?


It takes what you are born with.  If it wasn't for Christ, just being born in sin would send you to Hell regardless of how well you live.  You could live as a saint your whole life, never once giving in to sin and still be guilty enough to go to Hell. That's why the world needs a Savior and that is in Christ alone.  

Your relationship with Jesus HAS to be more than in name only.  He died for you. Took your place.  Paid your debt. To remove your born with sin and every sin you would ever commit.  Those truly in Christ are never seen with any sin. 

A single sin marks you as guilty. 
Born in sin marks you as guilty. 

A changed life marks you as Saved. God changed me when I came to Christ years ago.  He's been changing me every day since.  I talk to Him a lot more today than I used to.  He's my Savior and my Friend.  Is He more than a name to you?  Can you point to a time when you came to Christ?  Is there more in your life of Christ or more of you in your life?  Are you at all reading your Bible? Are you at all talking to Jesus?
Is there any difference between the you that you are today and the you of before you came to Christ? Is there? 

Is there?

Yes we who are in Christ are granted Grace and Mercy.  Unmerited favor and a waving of what should be coming to us. But that doesn't give us a right to live as we please, disrespecting others or living as we want, toying with sin as the world does. 

Our new name in Christ should compel us to do more and be more.  Live like you are saved if you truly are.  Live.

If you find you don't see any change then today is the day to get things right. Right here right now.  Let go of the past and get right with God right now.  

As much as it pains me to say, MILLIONS of professing Christians will still be here after the Rapture of the Church.  People who never were changed or never really meant it who were self deceived. 

They thought they had named the name of Jesus as their Savior but never honestly meant it.  Be sure today.  Be sure!

It likely will mean changes. People will look at you differently. Good!

Would you rather be all happy with your world and end up in Hell or Heaven?  You can be happy in this world in Christ.  The world probably won't like it.  The darkness hates the light.  The beginning of the book of John. 

Even if the world hates you they hated Christ first.  But we who are in Christ are already and always safe with Him. 

Make sure today that your being a Christian is more than your nametag. 

Make sure it's real and make sure it's genuine.  Wake up n get right with God.

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