Tuesday, June 30, 2020

That which God

It certainly has been an interesting week already.  Certainly been different.  I read quite a bit, if you hadn't noticed.  There's times when, at least it's my perception, that the Spirit makes certain words or phrases stick out to me.  Sometimes even a concept that I have never considered before. 

The title of today's is one of those.  That which God.  Think about your life from a bystander perspective.  Some may say they don't care what others think of them. Some are constantly obsessing over what others think of them. 

Some think they have people pegged by observation.  But the truth is all they have is an observation.  A white powdery substance can describe quite a few things but until other basic tests are done you still don't know what it is.

The same goes with religion and relationships.  To blindly do what some appointed person tells you isn't faith. It's simply blind obedience.  To follow a set of rules isn't faith either it's blind obedience.  

To get to know the author of the book you read means gaining understanding that can lead to faith.  It's been said that the Bible is the only book that's alive and whose author you can talk to at any time. 

Jesus wasn't for organized religion in the way that the Jews were practicing it. It was cold and empty, it was opportunistic to those who found themselves in power. They believed in lording their positions over the common people. 

Jesus began relationships with His Disciples and for 3 and a half years they had ample time to get to know each other. The only one who missed it completely was Judas.  

There are indeed good people in Hell. They had no relationship with Jesus.  They went around helping people, they probably fed the poor, cared for the helpless and saved starving children in other countries.  Could even have ran a safehouse for wayward people.  All the good that the world sees as such these people have done.  Yet they die and find themselves in Hell.  Why? 

That which God.  Huh?  That which God has joined let no man separate.  That which God commands that we ought to do. That which God has said is the only way to Heaven we ought to take heed to.

Jesus is the only way to Heaven.  Read what HE said of the people that I just described.  People who were practically saints by the world's standards.  Yet fell short of the glory of God because they were not children of God. 

You may look at your life with contentment and satisfaction.  You may not. You may see one endless struggle after another.  Yet the truth, the very most important truth, is just where are you before Jesus?

Are you a child of God or not?  This is what you need to settle right here right now. 

You may not have another 10 minutes of life.  People all over this world all believe they have a life to live.  Yet it's God who still has the final word on how long you are given the opportunity to come to Christ.  He knows everything about you and knows if you will never come to Christ or if you will and under what circumstances. 

That which God has put before you is this....death and life. A future and a hope if it's in Him. 

You can be all those good things that the world reveres and has great ceremonies for or you can be right before Christ.  He indeed may elevate you before men to be some kind of person who still does all those good things or He just might use you to do small things that have an impact you won't see this side of Heaven. 

Not everyone who gets Salvation is going to be a Pastor or Evangelist or Teacher or whatever is crossing your mind that seems to terrify you about serving.  It may just be that your part in this world is to simply be a light that shined bright enough to get someone else to ask why are you like this? How can I get that?  The Apostle Paul wrote about the body of Christ, the Church.  Of how it is organized and its parts and the purposes of the parts. 

Your life, if you have come to Christ, is to be lived doing your best for Jesus.  Whatever it may be, your best. That's it!  No halvsies, no 10 percent.  No when I have time.  No agenda.  No grand scheme or plans.  Just do your best and do it for Jesus.  Colossians 3 tells us that we do what we do as if it was the Lord we were doing it for. 

That which God has put before you to do do it for Christ.  You will know if what is in front of you is right or not.  The Spirit will tell you if what you intend to do is of God or not.  It's partly your conscience.  He will never have in mind for you to intentionally sin. That's a given.  That which God has for you to do will in some way glorify God. In small ways or big ways it will eventually glorify God.  Just remember not to take credit for what He did through you.  That leads to pride.  In recent years I have had to be taught by Jesus that my dreams were not over, but in that lesson are smaller lessons.  Like remembering that which God has enabled me to do has been because of His hand upon me.  Hezekiah was healed by God and became very successful, his pride caused his family and subsequent generations to suffer in bondage in Babylon.  My success is wrought in God's work in me.  If you see good things happening to me look at Jesus because He made it happen.  If you see me struggling and asking for prayer, yet again, that's Jesus.  Just pray for me and in time I hope to prove to be obedient. 
Jesus is who I am to live to serve.  In whatever I do.  I don't have an extravagant lifestyle.  At times we get by. But what I can always give is my hearts attention to my Savior.  

Look at your life...what is God saying to you that you have been too busy to stop and listen to?  That same God who raised Jesus from the dead raised me from the dead.  He is ready to raise you as well.  Make your life count for something in Christ.  It's not the works you do that save you, it's believing in your heart that Jesus is the Christ, confessing with your mouth that He is Lord that saves you. Then you can be forgiven of your sins by Him alone.  No man or woman on this planet can forgive you of your sin. Only Jesus. 

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