Saturday, August 15, 2020

Over Sin...but beware...

For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, being justified 
freely by His grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus.

Romans 3:23–24

Because of sin, Adam and Eve fell short of the perfection God intended for them. Because of sin, the Israelites relinquished the glory they could have experienced as God's holy nation. Because of sin, Judas fell short of the opportunity to be an apostle of Jesus Christ. Sin will corrupt every area of your life that it touches. Sin will cause your marriage to fall short of the promise it held in the beginning. Sin will cause you to fall short as a parent, a church member, a worshiper, or a friend. Every area in your life is susceptible to sin's destruction.

The wonder of salvation is that God completely dealt with sin. He did what we could not do. Through Christ's sacrifice, God, by His grace, offered His salvation and canceled the penalty of our sin. By His grace, He takes a life that has fallen short of God's best and gives it meaning. He provides the opportunity to immediately confess our sin and to be cleansed from all unrighteousness (1 John 1:9). He mends a broken heart. His grace erases anger and bitterness. He restores severed relationships. He takes a life devastated by sin and makes it whole. He takes our failures and produces something good.
Only God can heal sin's devastation. Only He can bridge the gap between His glory and your sin (Rom. 3:23). You must trust Him to do so. If you will ask Him, He will free you from the bondage of your sin, reestablish your relationship with Him, and restore you to wholeness. - Blackaby Experiencing God Day by Day 

We think because we were born to. 

Yes that was a complete sentence.  

Animals operate on instinct, humans on thoughts.  Sin, like a crimson color, from before birth, changes what was once white and pure and discolors it forever, unless one comes to Christ for Salvation. 

We were created in the image of God.  The Holy Spirit is of the same kind as Jesus.  We bear the image of God, and our enemy, Satan, will both delight in abusing it, and destroying it to his ends.

Sin is why we struggle day to day.  Sin is what corrupts those in power. Sin is what destroys Churches.  Sin is everywhere. 

Beware of thinking that you got this!

Nobody has the power to deal with sin on their own.  If it were possible, then Jesus died needlessly.  He also took on the punishment for sin doled out by His Father needlessly.  He endured the horrific death on a cross unlike anyone else in history, needlessly. 

You are deceiving and will always deceive yourself concerning sin.  It's impossible without the Spirit of God to view sin from a different perspective.  Cannot be done. 

Beware now, while you still have a breath in you to not take sin lightly. 

Sin held Jesus on the cross.  Your sin. My sin. The sins of everyone who ever lived. 

If the Creator God of the universe stated that a perfect sacrifice was necessary to atone for sin, then you, my friend, cannot and will not find a solution to it apart from God's solution to it. 

Sit down today and make sure you are right before God.  Make sure you indeed are saved.  That your name is written down in the Lamb's book of Life.  

It's the most important RSVP you will ever be counted in. 

I read what Jesus said of people in Hell.  

This isn't conjecture, this isn't fiction. Jesus told people plainly, no parables, plainly.   Those who are there are in torment.  Those who are there want everyone alive to never come there. Those who are there want everyone who is alive to come to Christ while they still have a chance because they missed theirs. 

There is no atoning for someone else's sin who has died without Christ.  You cannot get someone out of Hell that died without Salvation. It's a personal choice that must and can only be made by those who yet still live and breathe. 

You must choose this day whom you belong to.  You must choose Salvation if you indeed want to live and not suffer the consequences of a life spent apart from God. 

Hell is as real as Heaven.  It's as real as the spot on this planet you are reading this from.  As real as the chair you sit in as real as the bed that you are reading from. As real as the coffee, tea or other drink that's in your other hand right now. 

Sin deceives you into a false sense of security.  If your thoughts are that Salvation is for weak people, you are deceived. If your thoughts are that you don't need it, you are deceived.  If you think of anything that keeps you from receiving it, you are deceived.  You have believed a lie tailor made for you in this moment. 

Satan knows you better than you do. 
He knows exactly what lies to get you to think to try to keep you from being saved. 

You are being manipulated if you are still undecided.  He would rather you spend eternity in Hell than for 1 of you to find yourself in Heaven where a celebration awaits those who have said yes.

Beware of your own pride in thinking anything that says you don't need Jesus. 

Coming to Christ is the beginning of living,  not the end. 

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