Sunday, August 2, 2020

Reach out of the boat!

Reach out from the Boat!
By David Brenneman 

But prove yourselves doers of the word, and not merely hearers who delude themselves. James 1:22. Was reading a book last night called "Fearless Living" by Dr. Michael Youseff. In it he called what he sees in the professing Church today is a paradox. He didn't quote this passage yet but it applies.  The greater volume of so-called Church goers today love the idea of being saved, that their families are, and significant friends or acquaintances. Yet do not speak to the fact that just because we are in the lifeboat, it does not mean that the work is done.  

Doers of the Word is active. To hear only certainly mean no real activity.  Coming to Christ means yes we are saved. Yes we are in the lifeboat of Christ.  But it also implicitly means that now we are also reaching over the edge of that boat to bring others in with us. 

As I have been fond of using as an analogy, being saved in Christ Jesus isn't just a 'Get out of Hell free card'.  This true game of 'Life' means we live and share when possible with others.  As someone once said "Let your life be your witness, and if you have to, use words".

After reading that part last night, I was reminded of the ending of Titanic. The sniveling little coward of a rich man deceived to get into the lifeboat when the ship was going down.  Then huddled down to avoid doing anything to be of help to anyone else. 

My friend, dear reader, there will be no deceiving Christ when you face Him.  

Read what the Bible says about Him.  He is able to separate your thoughts from your intentions.  He can see your end from your beginning.  He can see why you did what you did in secret.  He knows the division between your soul and spirit.  He knows what is going on in every atom of your being. 

Scripture is clear God will not be mocked. Whatever a man sews he will reap.  You will not deceive Jesus by your words.  Note clearly that when the end of history comes He doesn't ask anyone about themselves. He simply separates those who are His from those who are not.

But I am not this, but I am not that. I don't know what I can do for Christ.  Really?  Christ decided what you are useful for before the world began.  Paul taught in Corinthians that we all who are in Christ have a different function.  The body isn't all made up of ears, of mouths or hands.  There's all kinds of other body parts that are required to make the body of Christ effective. 

So don't be a hearer of the Word and not a doer.

But I am afraid of what He might ask me to do!

Really?  You trusted Him to save your life yet you are afraid of what comes next?   Either you trust Jesus or you don't.  

The other is also true.  Don't create a mission for yourself for Christ. 

Unless you are working where the Spirit is working you work in vain and in your own strength.  Not with the power of God. 

Not everyone will be an outspoken Evangelist. Not everyone was to be a teacher or preacher.  

Ananias was just a follower of Christ whom God chose because he was willing to obey.  He received Saul into his life, in spite of the apparent danger of his reputation.  He obeyed and got to participate in a healing of every aspect of Saul's life. Turning him towards faith in Christ.  Seeing the beginning of the greatest Apostle ever for the Gentiles (everyone who isn't a Jew is a Gentile).

Think about your life. Is it a Christian Paradox as Dr. Youseff has observed?  Are you saved yet are hiding, hoping that you won't be called upon?  That's the true realization of people who are looking only for a get out of Hell free card. 

Save me but don't ask me to do anything for you.  People are going to Hell by the millions per day.  You were saved for a reason. Bring someone else into the boat.

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