Sunday, August 22, 2021

A Life that is Different

A Life that is Different 

[Ahaz] did not do what was right in the sight of the LORD his God. 2 KINGS 16:2 

Wouldn’t yesterday have gone better had you checked in with the Lord more often? Don’t you wish you’d stopped and asked God for direction before making that decision? Wouldn’t it be great if calling on the Spirit to give you self-control were a way of life? It’s a sobering truth that all our deeds—good and bad—are done in God’s sight. The Lord watches our busy days, quick decisions, and unplanned reactions and knows whether or not our lives honor Him. God wants you to honor Him with all you say and do; He wants your life to radiate your love for Him; and He wants the next generation to remember you as a person of faith. His Spirit is at work in your life to make all this happen. Furthermore, God is not the only One watching your life. When you cry out to God, the world sees God’s goodness to you and watches how God responds to someone who trusts Him and who turns to Him. They learn that trust in God brings deliverance. So, as God blesses you and people watch Him work in your life, keep your eyes on Him. And remember, everything you do, absolutely everything, is done in the sight of God. - Blackaby Being Still With God 

Our views on good and bad, right and wrong, good and evil, are as tainted as black muddy water versus clear spring water in the eyes of God. 

We are many centuries removed from the first sin committed by Adam and Eve but by no means are we any less in our ways of self justification. 

Yesterday I could say that it was a very good, very successful day. 
I wouldn't be telling the truth in its entirety if I were to speak of it in all 100 percent truth. 

There were thoughts that shouldn't have been. Thoughts? Yes thoughts are as much a part of your deeds of the day as is eating or physical labor. 

More often than not we do as any that crossed the mind of Adam and Eve, we justify those thoughts to appease our conscience. Then we quickly dismiss the guilt that ought to have shown itself and move on. But as we read above, God noticed. 

As Christians we are to not live as the world lives. We are aliens and visitors until our part of the Plan of God is completed. It's not entirely impossible to have a rough life as a believer your entire life. It's also not entirely impossible to have one that isn't filled with stress and strife. 
Most of us are a mix of both. 

The plan and purpose of Satan is to distract and cause disarray to those who are believers in every way possible. To get them to be lazy, to get them to be forgetful. To get them to be thinking just a bit more about themselves and their ideas than that of God’s plan and purpose. 

Really look at your yesterday.

There's a very good chance you see nothing wrong with it. 

Filter your yesterday through the lenses of Scripture.  Now how does it look?

In just my yesterday's thoughts and events I can see more than one time where I failed to live up to my commitment to God...and those are just the ones that I see.  Jesus sees all thoughts, all actions, all intentions of everyone all the time. 

The grace and mercy of God covers my failures in my life, it is upon me to ask for forgiveness. Job, every day was praying for every aspect of His life and that of his family. Even the remote possibilities of sin.  Sin is that dangerous!

It is a battle every day.  Letting go of self so that we become more like Christ. It is an inevitability. We are His workmanship, therefore, the changes WILL happen. We either will come through those changes with the right attitude or the wrong. Taking up my cross means using both hands.  You cannot hold onto the world and your cross too.

Consider, as Blackaby asked, just how differently your yesterday might have been had you come to Christ a bit more often during your day. 

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