Saturday, August 14, 2021

Eyes that See

Eyes that See 

I your servant have feared the LORD from my youth. 1 KINGS 18:12 

So declared the faithful prophet Elijah. We find in 1 Kings tips for living a life of faith just as he did.  
• If we don’t diligently follow God’s commands, we—like Ahab—can too easily trivialize sin, become comfortable with it, and no longer see it as offensive to God (16:31). 
• A lifetime of following God prepares us for times of crisis and uncertainty. Though we may not always understand our situation, experience tells us God is trustworthy. We can find comfort in a proven relationship with our God even when, like Elijah’s, our faith is shaken (19:1–18). 
• The world gives its counsel, and the Bible states its truth. We must choose between the two. We can’t live in two worlds, as the people of Israel tried to do when they worshiped Baal as well as God. If we truly believe Jesus is Lord, our lives will verify our faith. 
• Often we expect God to visit us in spectacular ways. We must learn to also recognize God when He speaks in a still, small voice (19:12). God’s Word is no less powerful when He whispers.  

As you walk with your Lord, listen, trust, and obey. - Blackaby Being Still With God 

Oh that first bullet point.  Trivializing sin. 

Scripture shows us how to have eyes that see. To see life as God sees it.
When we minimize the effects of sin, when we get comfortable with sin, we then no longer fear its consequences. We will actually go deeper in sin because of this,

Our world pushes people to be desensitized to sin. To indulge in every form of vanity and pride. To enjoy everything your heart desires with no regard towards consequences.  Which inevitably leads to broken lives and relationships. Of course the world tells you that it's not your fault it's the other guy or girl. 

The next point is something to always keep in mind. To have eyes that see we need to remember what we have already seen God do.

Remembering the moments when He lead us through the valleys and over the mountains in our lives.  To remember when our hearts were broken and He was there when nobody else understood. To remember those times when our hearts were darkened and He called us out of the darkness. 

God repeatedly instructed Israel to teach to each generation the great things God has done for Israel.  The Kings were to write their own copy of the Law to remind them as they ruled. 

In the next point we see the world vs the Bible. The Bible speaks to that point. Each man or woman does whatever is right in their own eyes. People will attempt to argue with God that He has no right to tell them what to think or do.  God says otherwise. He is their creator. A person is more than a piece of furniture but is no less under the wisdom of its creator than mankind is. 

We can not live for ourselves and for Christ too.  This too is found in God's Word. 

Some have disagreed on this last point.  About God speaking to people these days. 
I can testify that on many occasions Jesus has spoken to me. As clearly and as audibly as any person who walks up to me.  Sometimes it's been just a short answer. Sometimes it's been a long one.  But He DOES speak to us if we but follow Christ's example and get away from everything to listen as He often did to be with His Father. 

Lastly trust and obey.  For many of you, this triggers remembrance of the old hymn.

Trust and Obey for there's no other way to be happy in Jesus, but to Trust and Obey. 
When we do His good will, He abides with us still, never fear only Trust and Obey. 

Look with eyes that see. Ask Jesus to apply salve to your heart and mind. To heal your Spiritual Eyes so that you see the world as you ought. To live as you ought. 

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