Friday, August 6, 2021

Are Your Eyes Open? Are You Watching at All?

Are Your Eyes Open?  Are You Watching At All?

“Watchman, how much longer until morning?” Isaiah 21:11 NLT 

What enemies are abroad today? Errors are a vast horde, and new ones appear every hour: what heresy must I guard against? Sins lurk about, creeping from their hiding places when darkness reigns; I must climb the watchtower, and pray. Our heavenly Protector can already see the attacks that will be made on us, and even while they are still only the desires of Satan, Jesus prays for us that our faith will not fail when we are sifted like wheat (Luke 22:31–32). Oh, gracious Watchman, continue to warn us of our enemies—and for Zion’s sake, don’t stop warning us. “Watchman, how much longer until morning?” What kind of weather is coming for the church? Are there gloomy clouds, or is it clear and fair overhead? We must care for the church of God with an ardent love—and now that false teaching and infidelity are both threatening, let us observe the signs of the times and prepare for conflict. “Watchman, how much longer until morning?” What stars are visible? What precious promises suit our present situation? You sound the alarm, give us comfort also. Christ, the North Star, is always in His place, and all the other stars are secure in their Lord’s right hand. “Watchman, how much longer until morning?” We still await the Bridegroom. Are there signs of Him, coming forth as the Sun of Righteousness? Hasn’t the morning star risen as the promise of day? When will the day dawn, and the darkness flee? Oh, Jesus, if you don’t come in person to your waiting church today, come in your Spirit to my yearning heart, and make it sing for joy. Now all the earth is bright and glad With the fresh morn; But all my heart is cold and dark and sad: Sun of the soul, let me behold thy dawn! Come, Jesus, Lord, Oh, quickly come, according to thy word! “Lord, Open My Eyes,” Christian Friedrich Richter (1704, translated by Catherine Winkworth, 1855) - C.H. Spurgeon Morning and Evening 

Was reading this, this morning, and remembered what Dr. Michael Youseff mentioned yesterday. "Our culture has lost its mind… All across America and Europe, churches are emptying, and an entire generation is turning away from God. People today have many gods—money, pleasure, politics, the environment—but they no longer acknowledge the God of the Bible.  It’s not too late for God to hear and answer from heaven. It’s not too late for revival to sweep our land, but we must turn to Him."

You who came to Christ, is this speaking to you?

When I first was told to start this blog, God said "Alright. I am going to give you things to say. It's upon you to write them."  What passage was I taken to? The one about the Watchman on the wall. His responsibility was on him to speak what he saw in warning to others. Should he see and not speak up, the blood of the people would be on him. Should he speak up and they not heed his words, their blood is upon themselves. He is free of that guilt. 

My Dear Reader, do you who claim the name of Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord, do you live the day as if the world you live in is more important than obedience to Him? Do you live as though He's not returning soon?  

The people you read about in the New Testament lived lives believing that even in their day, that the Lord could return at any point. 

Satan would love nothing better that for me and you, who say we are believers, to live lives that are all about self. To live lives like we don't believe it could be at any moment. 

Satan fills the minds of people with new ways to enjoy selfishness. He couches it in pride. He couches it in success. He couches it in vanity. He couches it in self-righteous living.  How well we have done for ourselves. 

All the while Jesus sits on His throne, awaiting the word from His Father to come. To come get those who anxiously await their Savior. 

I am away from home as I write this. I look at my disposition today versus the last time I was here.  God's done amazing work on me in a few years.  I don't recognize the person that I was. 

I look forward to what God has given me to do each day. Success, for me, will be revealed when I stand before my Savior and He tells me that my life was successful. 

There's others who are Watchman on Walls. I can name several but that's not the point. The Churches we attend require faithful people. Faithful in service and giving. Ready to go and do as the Spirit directs.  If where you go isn't about the Father's business, if they are not preaching the whole counsel of God, get out. If they are, INVEST! Get your hands dirty doing what the Spirit needs done. We are here for a short while. Lives are on the line. 

Are you living your today like today could be THAT day?  

Millions didn't wake up this morning. They already stepped into eternity. They made their Heaven or Hell decision. There's no turning back for any who have died. 

In the here and now you can make a difference. In your life and the lives of those around you. 

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