Friday, November 18, 2022

Complaining or Grateful?

Complaining or Grateful?
by David Brenneman 

It's interesting to stop n separate thoughts based solely on those two words. 

Saw a short video on children complaining that their Dad never gets them anything. 

He starts in the kitchen and shows them running water. 
He moves to the refrigerator and opens it to show food.
He moves a little closer to home and goes into their room and shows them what they have. 

What they lacked was appreciation.

What they were giving into was selfishness. Trying to keep up with others. 
They had no appreciation for what they already had. 

How often are we that way?  God answers prayers and we don't even give Him a nod of appreciation?  Are we at all grateful?

One of the verse of the day that I read this morning was "Sanctify them in Truth, Your Word is Truth".  Truth isn't subjective. It it's interpretative. Jesus is Truth and as another passage I read this morning says that He changes not. In Him there is no variation or shifting shadow.  In His perfection there's no need to be surprised by anything or anyone. 

We live in a world that indeed doesn't appreciate what's been given.  I like the video snippets of these people who are intentionally going to the streets to bless people. In some cases its just food and drink.  Some it's cash to get them back into an apartment instead of the streets.  One, who was an amputee said it had been 10 years since he could walk.  The man sounded like he was straight out of the Gospel stories of Jesus healing. He just wanted to walk again.  So they bought him his artificial leg. 

We must not forget to be grateful to our God for all He's done and is doing that we haven't the foggiest idea why we're going through it. From what we understand and what all we don't, in Him there's no shifting shadow. He hasn't's us that often changes based on our level of selfishness. 

Don't get it wrong, many prophets and others complained to God in the Bible.  Just take care that your emotions don't get ahead of you.  Emotions get us in a world of trouble.  As my Dad often told us growing up: don't let your speedboat mouth overrun your rowboat tail end. 

Don't get ahead of God. 

In one story the Disciples thought they understood the situation and were angry at some people. Wanted to know from Jesus if He wanted THEM to call down fire from Heaven.  

We often seek peace in specific special environments. Vacation get aways etc.  The world loves to sugar coat our sin cursed world to believe we haven't seen anything yet and need to spend a little more to get it.  Be busy doing and you'll get there. 

Goes back to Mary and Martha.  

Less is more.  Honestly after moving it's a monthly if not weekly habit to donate stuff.  The less that's in my way the more room there is to work out projects.  We donate to two places that have ministries they provide for.  

We are exceedingly grateful to God for our home.  We want it to be God honoring as much as is possible.  

I look around at things that we have been given.  The problems we have been able to overcome, those big ones and small ones, and we are grateful.

God's still in the business of miracles from losing keys or the phone to hot water tanks and electric panels.  

In the Old Testament what started Israel down the path to lost fellowship with the Lord Jesus was being ungrateful.  Read Psalms on David's grateful heart.  

We don't need to keep up with the Jones's.

We need to be grateful for what we have been given, we need to bring our requests to God but be careful of what we ask for.  It's not always what is truly right for us to have.  We need to remember we are not creating nor should attempt to create a slice of Heaven here on Earth. 

CCC: Clutter creates complaints. 

Adoration Confession Thanksgiving Supplication  ACTS of prayer. 

Being thankful and grateful comes before asking for things. 

We also miss out on what Mary sought. Peace by getting away to be with Jesus.  Being busy all the time isn't necessary being right with God.  Being about the Father’s business is the right thing.

So many billions of dissatisfied angry people in this world because they were taught if you complained enough you'll get someone to give you what you want.  

People aren't taught that there's consequences to their actions and society at large has been silencing the consequences.  Someone else who had nothing to do with what transpired foots the bill. 

Prayer isn't just for a select group of people.  It was meant to be the catalyst towards a transformed life.  Sanctify them in the Truth, Your Word is Truth.  Holiness isn't ever going to be taught by the world or in online courses with a degree attached.  Holiness is what washes away the complaints and produces a grateful heart.  The more time you spend with Jesus the more you learn of what all He's got in mind for you. 

It's ok to share your heart's desire and pain with Jesus.  It's exactly what Jesus wants of you.  He's at the door of every single room of your heart but will await YOU to open them to let Him in. 

Be true with Jesus and He always will be true with you.  Be on guard against the schemes of the Devil.  It's always in the sugar coated details we get burned.

Spend time being thankful and grateful more than complaining.

See how your outlook on life changes. 

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