Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Misplaced Feelings...Misplaced Love

Misplaced Feelings...Misplaced Love 
by David Brenneman 

It is always, at least to me, a herald of something coming that must be good when life quickly feels overwhelming.  There's always something that either is the consequence of sin or its something that God's wanting to do that are happening. 

Some may not agree but again I write what I am told to write.  Feelings sure can mess us up at times.  As I was reading this morning, developing a discerning spirit is a necessity.  Knowing what signposts lead to what helps to avoid certain things and helps to achieve certain things. 

The reality of this good vs evil in the universe is constantly being redefined in our world.  Even the world is always going through changes in what words mean what. It's another core reason why the Word of God stays the same. It's why it takes the power of God in the person of the Holy Spirit to protect it.  

Think about what that means.  Our culture has probably mostly heard things that have come out of Star Wars.  Various movie quotes etc.  I have seen, in video, a working light saber.  But what quote that comes to mind is "your feelings betray you".

Ours always will.  We can't trust our own judgment.  We need the eyes of God to see what is truly right and truly wrong.  We need a growing spirit in Christ to hold onto that which has been revealed as right and wrong as defined by God.   

So many millions of people are honestly taught to move their love of God towards other people and things and don't even see it.  It begins at an early age.  Children want acceptance and are often willing to bow to peer pressure to obtain it.  This success or failure stays with them into their teenage years on up to adulthood.  We seek affirmation through activities and actions. Seeking a sign of right and wrong. 

This leads, often, to misplaced love and affection.  We like seeing immediate results.  We have done so for so long now that 3 minutes in a microwave are an eternity to most.

In Christ we slow down.  We let go of this or that which has been entangling us when we finally acknowledge it.

In Christ's example of the very real story of Mary and Martha.  Martha's feelings were getting in the way.  Feeling that this or that was important.  The eating and drinking preparations.  

In my life right now I am not necessarily seeking a sign from God.  I indeed am trying to slow down.  My brain isn't always able to.  I am often going "Oh" with the Spirit when shown how much I have misplaced my desires on some things.  

If we really saw what has entangled us in our thinking and ways we would be shocked and probably horrified.   

But many more would be in denial.  Reading in Jeremiah, from the age of accountability upward were judged.  Those who knew right and wrong were judged. Those who understood that their decisions were defining them. Thinking that the Lord didn't see or know because of most things being done in secret. 

Nothing you can do or have done is or ever has been done in secret from God.  Not even unspoken thoughts or unspoken intentions. Jesus knows every thought and intention you have had or ever will have. 

We can lie to ourselves but never to He who defines Truth. 

Our feelings indeed can betray us. 

We love to attach love to things and events.  We love to have that euphoric notion.  That rush.  

We can misplace love to everything man made or mankind itself in wrong ways. 

Misplaced in mankind is acceptance of aspects of humanity as not according to God's Word.  Misplaced in feelings is assuring people of things that aren't true in order to avoid other feelings. 

Jesus always spoke the truth in love.  Sometimes it appears to come across as harsh but as we are talking about God, His speaking is always appropriate. 

Our feelings weren't meant to be broken but have been since Adam and Eve.  

I look at my life often to see if I have been misplacing my love for Jesus.  Satan loves to entice us to live things. To love even half-truths rather than the truth.  

When you look at your life are you seeing a person who's after God's own heart or your own heart?

What's been misplaced in your thinking?

What's become more important to you than slowing down to be with Jesus?

We don't have to be thinking 24/7.  
We do need to think as taught by Jesus. 

Consider a personal evaluation on your world.  Have you set up a kingdom of your own where it's your way or the highway or is Jesus more important than your thoughts or things? 

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