Saturday, November 26, 2022

It's Ok to Not be Ok...Sort of...

It's Ok to Not Be Ok...Sort Of
by David Brenneman 

It's often been an interesting thing in my life to more or less have my emotions on my sleeve.  In many cases, I will tell what's on my mind and heart.  What's weird is when people ask then get squeamish and uncomfortable when I honestly answer.

Was reading a devotional from our Church when this train of thought left the station. 

Indeed it's a rarity to run into people at Church that are sensitive to the needs of others to the point they would pass on a service in order to help someone through whatever came with them to Church that day. 

I am also a proponent of being honest about what I am feeling should the person I am speaking with show genuine signs of interest.  Sadly I often just say that I am ok when in fact I am not based on my perception of who I am speaking with.  

What's weird is my being a selective introvert.  It depends on situations and circumstances when I will engage people. 

What's amazing to me is when I can tell it's not me doing the speaking but the Spirit within.  In am often as impressed with what came out of me as they are to hear it.

In what was written in that blog post about it ok to not be ok, it's just not ok to stay that way.  It was attributed to a specific person saying it but this wasn't the first time I had heard it. 

Jesus never once wanted or wants those who are His workmanship staying in the valley of the shadow of death. He doesn't want those who are His to avoid the calling with which they have been called. He never once wants us to feel like He's left or had given up on us.

Sometimes we just need to be alone with Jesus for only that purpose.  Was reading yesterday something along the lines of it's ok to pray without words. That sometimes those are the best prayers offered. 

We may indeed be in 24/7 pain. But that doesn't stop us from holding onto Jesus for our strength and hope. 

We may not understand where we stand in this walk of life but it doesn't mean that Jesus ever left our side.

We may think whatever we will about anything and everything but Jesus is still the same yesterday, today and forever. 

I often struggle with finding the words to pray.  My emotions often are that overwhelming.  I often know that fear of what might happen grips me.  In those times "Help!" is the only prayer uttered in my mind and heart. 

We can't wait for life to be better before we are going to be happy.  That's one of the best thoughts that I have read this year. 
Paul taught people to press on toward the upward call in Christ Jesus.  We cannot run because people criticized us. We cannot run because of being hurt.  We can shut down but we will still face it until we face it with Jesus. He won't let us face life alone. He WILL have a problem with us leaning on someone or something else rather than just Him.

In your day today in this time of being thankful, be a bit more grateful. 
Ask Jesus to help you press on.
Ask Jesus to help you be sensitive to the needs of others, even if it disrupts your life.  Just don't think of staying where you are.  Jesus has far greater things in mind for you that are beyond what you can ask or think. 

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