Saturday, May 13, 2023


by David Brenneman 

We're told in the Word of God to be many things and what not to be.  Those are indeed the questions. 

Jesus said to be alert...are you?
Jesus said to not be like that scribes, Pharisees and Sadducee's...are you?
We're to be alert for the devil prowls around like a roaring lion seeking someone to devour...are you?

Are you so wrapped up in self that you are intentionally not being or not being what the Spirit teaches you?

Are you more dedicated to your physical condition than your Spiritual?

Are you more involved in your emotional health than your Spiritual position before Jesus?

Was reading in somewhat of an obscure place in the Bible where it reads that Jesus indeed knows what's in your heart. 

What would be found?  How much of what's going on in your life is you and how much of it is obedience to God's Word?

Jesus said to deny yourself, take up your own cross and follow Him.  There's nothing in there about doing so when it's convenient or feels good. 

We read of what to be in Christ, but are we making personal decisions, choices, in order to get Him to allow our way to be how we live?

Health is important but it's never to consume our thoughts. 
Emotions are important but they too shouldn't consume our thoughts. 

Leaning heavily on just those two can shipwreck your life.  They easily can lead to what the Bible says is every one doing what is right in their own eyes. 

Do you really think that Jesus won't see right through your every thought and intention?  He will indeed!

Notice well that your giving an account of your life before Jesus will not be a question and answer time.  There will not be anything that He needs to ask you. 

He already knows your heart.

He always knows your heart. 

He knows your heart right now. 

He knows your every single thought, including those you try to dismiss.  He knows what you meant by what you thought or said.  Look at the example of Sarah. She was called out.

You may think you're living a really good life.  But are you living the life you chose or the life that God desires for you?  Many are given over to live for self because they were adamant about not doing what God wanted of them.  God wanted them to be one kind of person and they stubbornly chose their own way.  

Forgetting that it says clearly in the Bible that it is the Spirit who sets each person in the body as He sees fit.  

We don't bargain with the Spirit to change our part in the body. 

We don't tell Him what we will or won't do. 

We submit to the will of God. 
We don't argue to get our will done. 

There's millions attending churches around the world who have a grossly misconstrued idea of Christianity.  

It is these people who will still fill the buildings that will be former houses of God after the Rapture of the Church.  

People who were never truly saved because they never truly gave their life to Christ. 


Be sure of your salvation in Christ Jesus. 
My thoughts are heavy on this for so many. 

My thoughts go to specific people each day when I pray because I know they aren't saved. 

I know they are living in disobedience because the Spirit continues to burden me with praying for them. 

They are doing well in living as the world would have them live.  They claim to be doing things in God's name and yet they are blinded by success to the truth.  

The Prodigal Son was blinded by the offerings of the world for a time, when he enjoyed the power of money and success.

So many are afraid of what the world may do to them that they forget to live by faith. 

Are you going to be silent and ashamed at what your life reveals when you give an account of your life before Jesus?

Will it reveal a heart of obedience or one of selfishness?  It really can't BE both.

Is your heart willing to go wherever, do whatever, the Spirit directs you?  Or do you dig in your heels, even ever so slightly, to refuse? 

It's not a matter of choice for the Believer. 
Jesus gave no special exceptions to taking up your own cross and follow Him. 
There's no additional clauses or end user agreements that let you out of doing that.

We are to grow in Christ. 
We are to love others and point them to Jesus.  
We are to deny self putting what He wants ahead of what we want. 

Scripture says it's healthy to self-examine. Be sure of our salvation. 
Be sure we are for what God is for. 
Be sure we seek what He seeks in us. 

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