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Cleaning isn't just for Visitors

Cleaning isn't just for Visitors 
by David Brenneman 

Quite often a household practice is to straighten up the house when we know visitor's are coming.   Sometimes it's in a hurry when they are unexpected. 

In Scripture we're commanded to forgive one another as Christ also has forgiven us.

This too is cleaning.  It's removing unnecessary baggage from our walk with Jesus.  Of all things it reminds me of the somewhat modern version of "The Parent Trap".  In a particular scene most of the characters are on a hike.  As a prank, the kids get the notion to keep adding rocks to the backpack of the fiance of their Father.  Unbeknownst to her the load just keeps getting heavier without knowing why. 

In our lives we who don't forgive others just don't realize we are going through this ourselves.   Sin keeps getting added to our backpack and the weight keeps getting to be more and more.  We will either stubbornly keep on going or we will try it God's way.  

Clean out your life of sinful things my Dear Reader.  Sin is those rocks you keep carrying around with you.  Sin weighs you down.  Sin keeps you from running that race set before you by the Spirit.   

That race is set before us by the Spirit of God.   It's for us to RUN, not walk.  Runners take off whatever is going to be an encumbrance.  They do not put on any clothing or items that might slow them down.  No useless gadgets, no wraps, scarves, hats, etc.  

Mentally, runners must sort their thoughts as a fencer wields his or her foil.  Getting their head in the game.  Keeping out what will cause distractions that will keep them from running their best race. 

Mentally, it's absolutely not enough to only pray and only read your Bible. 

Mentally, you need to hold up that Sword of the Spirit and use it.  

Mentally, you need that Helmet of Salvation in place for to keep those erroneous thoughts from coming in to distract you. 

Remembering HALT.  If you are Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired...then stop and take time to be with Jesus to recharge or to physically rest to mentally recharge.

It's worth noting to also to remember Q-tip.

Quit Taking It Personally.  Let go of those thoughts.  Honestly shove them away.  

Thoughts that make us want to be isolated.  Thoughts that aren't God honoring.  Thoughts that tear down others rather than build them up.  Thoughts that are immoral.  Thoughts that go against Scripture.  Thoughts that serve no Heavenly good.  

We have been crucified with Christ Jesus. He who gave His life for us says to take up our own cross and follow Him.  

Sometimes these cleanings mean an episode of Hoarders is coming.  We need to do the radical thing and really expunge things from our lives in order to do what we are really here on Earth to be doing.  

In Christ you, my Dear Reader, have a special and specific purpose.  It's not in all the honors and accolades possible from those around you. 

In Christ we look forward to Him receiving us after our work on Earth is done to hear Him say "Well done! Enter into My rest."

Satan is going to, his minions are going to, convince you of not being in a hurry to fulfill your calling in Christ Jesus. 
He is going to convince you of no need to be ready for the imminent return of Jesus Christ. 
He is going to convince you that there nothing wrong with self indulgence.  Scripture says to be careful for a reason. Sin that so easily entangles.  It entangles arm and legs of the

It is we where we allow sinful thoughts to take up residence in our hearts and minds under false pretenses.  Secular music. Immersion into false realities.  Knowing a lot more about other things than we do about Jesus. 

The command of the Lord Jesus in the Old Testament was to write down those words that they were being taught concerning Himself and tie them to themselves to remind them wherever they would go.  We are no different in needing reminders everywhere we go concerning the truth of our lives in Christ. 

When we are focused where we ought to be, the enemy of God worries.  

When we keep our lives ready for that unknown moment we might stand before Jesus, we will be ready. 

I cannot tell you how many people in recent days whom have died unexpectedly.  In a heartbeat they entered eternity.  Some to everlasting torment in Hell others to the peace and rest promised by Jesus.

We should be ready for life as we walk with Jesus.  We should be about the Father’s business as Jesus said He was. 

We should be ready for whomever the Spirit brings our way to visit.  Keeping our house in order...physically and mentally...more importantly Spiritually. 

All NASB 1995 and NASB Scripture Excerpts used by permission. Lockman Foundation.

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