Friday, October 6, 2023

Spiritual Insights

Spiritual Insights...
by David Brenneman 

It's amazing how when you pray for God to go before you in your day, that He sometimes shows you just what He protected you from.

Life isn't about just taking the day as you find it and make the most of it. Jesus has a plan for every single Believer. He is working all things together for good to those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. There is no weapon that is formed by man that can thwart the will of God. Who is it that will ever get away with demanding of God "Why did you do that?" or "Why didn't you stop that?" or even "Why did you allow this?"?

There is a purpose for our lives in this moment in history. Every single knee of every created being will one day either willingly or unwillingly bow their knee to Jesus and declare Him Lord.

People, from all of human history, who rejected Jesus Christ as their Savior - I am convinced - will experience the love of Jesus at the Final judgment. They will know just what it is they turned their backs on.  

Life isn't about a day full of unexpecteds when the Lord Jesus Christ is already in that day before we see a second of it.

There are no "days off" for the enemy of God. Twisting and perverting God's Word is a key tool of them. Turning people against people. Convincing people that God's truth is a lie.  

Oh the horrors that await people who have died in their sins. Who one second after death find themselves in painful torment in Hell.  

In this so-called season coming up of Halloween...know the truth. There are no such things as ghosts. Scripture is very clear. Believers are ushered into the presence of Jesus immediately. Unbelievers are immediately entering Hell. What the world is really referring to are demons.  

Jesus Christ died once for all. But you must come to Christ for salvation. The gift is free, but you must ask for it. To know the love of Jesus Christ you need to start there. To receive His promises of going before you in your days you must start there. 

Otherwise the promise is that all who reject the offer of salvation through Jesus Christ that Hell awaits until that Final judgment day.  

Just what was I protected from? Being baited into saying something that would have jeopardized my job. Just because I don't agree with what someone is doing to themselves, it isn't right to force me to change my beliefs. The Spirit indeed gave me the right thing to say. It is extremely heartbreaking to see what people are doing in their rebellion to the life that God desired for them, physically, emotionally, and psychologically.  

Look at your life...start your day with Jesus. Ask Him for help. He's the Good Shepherd who always is on the alert to watch over His sheep. 

You were not a mistake. The Bible says that Jesus knew us before we were born. Knew us as we were forming in our mother's womb. Although some of us were born with defects, it does not mean we are of no use to Him. It does not mean that we were rejected by God.  

Be on the alert to selfish thoughts. Be wary of thoughts that aren't what the Bible says that you are. Those who are saved are wrapped up in their new identity in Christ and Christ alone. 
We aren't despised, rejected.
We weren't born in the wrong body.  
We weren't any kind of mistake dreamt up by society.  

Pray before your day begins that Jesus will show you His love for you today. The safest place where Jesus is walking isn't in the boat. It's by faith to stand where He stands.

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