Friday, November 3, 2023

Have You Began Yours?

Have You Began Yours?
by David Brenneman 

‭‭"For David, after he had served the purpose of God in his own generation, fell asleep, and was laid among his fathers and underwent decay; but He whom God raised did not undergo decay." Acts 13:36-37.

It's always, always, always, interesting to me to see what the Spirit makes stand out when I read my Bible in the morning.

Paul and Barnabas were testifying of the salvation being brought first to the he reminded us of later in the book of Romans.  In this reminder is this jem stone.  This pearl of great price.  

So many people are still trying to lie to themselves in that they are more concerned about their personal life than they are in their mission in this world, this moment in time in which God has prepared for those who are saved. 

When you are real with yourself, are you hoarders of the Word of God?  Do you keep it to yourself?  Do you spend time with Jesus yet refuse to do with it what He intended for you to be doing with it?

My Dear Reader, if indeed you meant it in coming to Christ for salvation, you have a divine purpose in this world today. 

If indeed you are being blessed beyond your needs, it's there to be a blessing towards others.  If you are indeed the kind to begin conversations with complete strangers, then you have a mission field to cultivate. 

If you are not seeking first His kingdom and His righteousness, what are you seeking?  

Do you not realize that He who blessed you, can remove such blessings from you?  Job was one of the most blessed of the men of his generation.  A life lesson from God caused him to lose it all and later gain more than he ever had before. But I would like to think he saw those blessings differently.  

We seek peace and safety in a world that has rejected Jesus Christ.  Jesus said that those who follow Him will face persecutions.  There isn't anything wrong with seeking a peaceful life, but it shouldn't be at the cost of the purpose for which you are here. 

If indeed you have been abundantly you not believe that God could do it again should you use those blessings to bless others?

If indeed you spend your time, energy and effort to talk with people about Jesus, do you not think that pleasing Him in this way will not yield a reward in its time?

All who have lived their lives in human history, during those years, have a divinely appointed purpose.  If they come to Christ, that is the beginning of it, for in Christ we are a new creation. Scripture says that even those who reject the truth of God concerning salvation in Christ Jesus alone, have a purpose.  

Seeking your purpose in Christ is the beginning of living life.  

Have you really been living for Jesus in all that you do?  Striving to please Him in everything?  Are you a spiritual hoarder?  Keeping to yourself what God intended for you to give away?  Do you not believe that if you give it away that He can still bless you even more?  This isn't strictly about possessions.  Our blessings from God are all that's in our lives.  

Take stock of your life as we're approaching Thanksgiving.  Take a good look at what you've allowed to motivate you.  It's an incredible irony that the world pushes and promotes a thing called retirement...preparing yourself for a life you may not see.  Every single person alive right now is separated from eternity by a single individual heartbeat.

Have you even started to live out your purpose in the world today that Jesus appointed you to live?  When He spoke of the talents that were distributed to the servants, they were given with the intention that something be done with them. Look at what the King said to those individuals.

Maybe it's your reminder in this here this now to get going.

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