Monday, November 20, 2023

Sometimes the Need is Deeper

Sometimes the Need is Deeper
by David Brenneman 

Some mornings life just feels extra heavy. 
Some days life just feels like the burden of caring for self and others is more than we know how to handle.  

This is why it's key, why it's essential, why it's necessary, to be in your Bible daily.  Getting the reminders from God, through what's been written, to get us through these times. 

Was sitting here last night skimming through my Daily Journal.  Looking back at all the turmoil that surrounded our moving here.  The times of despair and disappointment.  The times when God still showed up exactly on time, regardless of what we thought in the moment.  

We moved not at the height of the pandemic but it had an impact on our obtaining help to move.  We were pushed to new limits we knew not we could achieve. 

Even after moving, the struggles still are there, just not to those extremes.  Building relationships is oh so much more difficult than fixing up the new-to-us house that's now our home.  

People we now meet we're just beginning to hopefully get to know.  Nobody realizes how much they take relationships for granted.  A simple phone call goes much farther than they realize. 

In everything we're learning of the truth that people are still dealing with the fallout of the pandemic in some respects.  In other ways we're learning that our expectations might be more than they ought to be.  That, over time, some people mean much more to us than we evidently now mean to them.  It happens.  It's not at all pleasant or joyful.  It honestly is sad and potentially depressing. 

But THE One who's proved to be steadfast is my Savior.  It matters not, really, who cuts short a phone call or won't stay around to talk.  My Savior never has left me at any point in time.  

Faith history is far more important in the area of relationships than the feelings and emotions that accompany them.  

People will disappoint, Jesus never will. 
People can have tunnel vision and not see what their actions are doing to others.  Jesus always has me on His mind. 

While there's days of sadness and honestly grief, He’s sitting or standing right here with me.  Same goes for all who call Him their Savior. 

People were made for relationships.  Primarily with Jesus Christ, second to each other.  Satan has crafted temptations to destroy relationships, most just aren't aware of how his schemes work.

There were many times on my constant trips between Columbus and here when the tears flowed.  Sometimes they still do. 
Jesus makes it very evident that His arms are around me.  

Whatever you do, do not take the gift of relationships that God's given you for granted.  If you're given the opportunity to be in someone else's life, realize that is a gift to you by Jesus.  Realize what it does to others when you aren't in the moment with them when they reach out to you.  It's something that the Spirit has been working on me with realizing in myself. 

If you make a commitment to call someone.  Keep it. 
If you're on the phone, remove distractions.  
If they are in front of you, give them your full attention. 

Jesus keeps every single appointment He makes.  Every day, to everyone.  

Our battles only appear overwhelming to us.  Never to Jesus. 
Our perception is not always what it appears to be.  We allow so many distractions to dictate our actions.  Someone stops by and we cut off someone else without realizing it.  

People are in our lives because in this here this now we have our part in the business of the Father to complete.  It's not about possessions or personal happiness coming first.  Many people don't realize how little selfishness is required to mess up a relationship.  As someone once said a small stone, aptly placed, will change the course of a mighty river. 

Take care of the people that God's put in your life.  Either by personal actions or by prayer.  The Spirit works in the lives of every single person either pointing them towards salvation or towards growth in Christ.  Relationships are the catalyst.  

We will give an account of our lives before Jesus.  Not about anything but what we did in our lives for Christ.  How we were Jesus to those around us.  

Consider your responses to the relationships that the Spirit has you involved with.  If it's that important to God, it should be that important to you. 

All NASB 1995 and NASB Scripture Excerpts used by permission. (C) Lockman Foundation.

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