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God's Idea of Success

God's Idea of Success 
by David Brenneman 

God's Word explains how God views success.  The world would have you believe that success is only success when at the end of whatever you were are the one who stands out. You are the one who's exalted. You are the one who reaps the fruits of your labors to your advantage and your benefit.

Success in Christ Jesus puts what He's doing at the forefront of our minds and hearts...not as a something of secondary consequence but of primary consideration.

Read through the four Gospels and you will find the underlying truth...the Disciples were being taught to make important whatever is important to their God.  Go, therefore and make disciples of all the nations.  Essentially go do with others what I have done with you. Teaching them to observe all that I commanded you. Set the standards that I established in your life into their lives. The part of baptizing them in the name of Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit isn't to be disregard or put off.  It's important for you and I in our obedience to God's will to follow through with this.  It's a command that He gave.

Success isn't found in chores or the benefits of what the world calls employment.  Success is each step taken in life towards the fruits of sanctification.  Success is seeking the character of Christ Jesus.  Success is following in the footsteps of our Master and our Lord Jesus Christ.  

If what you wanting to do is what you know God's wanting you to be in God and leave the consequences to Him.  Dr. Charles Stanley taught that and it's entirely Biblical.  Read through your Bible. It's there throughout.  

What you do for Jesus is going to be the only first topic between you and Jesus when we're all called home to Heaven after the Rapture of the Church.  

If you know there's a final exam for something you really want, don't you do your best to get it right?  

This world has been perfecting every kind of mental distraction possible to keep people from being serious about a full life in Christ.  Satan's minions are at work 24/7 influencing the minds of men and women to that end.  Creating situations and products that stimulate the mind towards a selfishness unseen for centuries.  Jesus said that when He returns it will be as it was in the days of Noah. The level of evil will be very comparable.  The level of the rejection of God will be comparable. The lack of people seeking Jesus will be there.

I really don't care for success as the world sees it if that success isn't keeping me growing in Christ.  If I would win a boat load of money...sure I would do the prudent thing and pay what I owe to remove debt.  Would help others do the same.  Buy extravagant things?  Go to extravagant places? No.  I have no desire for that because the Spirit's taught me the futility of those things.  The having isn't going to bring lasting happiness.  

The parable of the talents.  Two understood the mission given to them and it was very important to them to do their best in order to please their Master.  

You who are in Christ are entrusted with your own talents.  What are you doing to invest them?  What are you doing to show your Lord and Master Jesus Christ that you did well with them?   Is your life showing you that what Jesus wants of you is important to you?

You may indeed have an employer to work for physically, but spiritually you work that work for Jesus.  You may be retired. You are still to do whatever you do heartily as unto the Lord with all your heart. 

You are to keep the word of God in your heart and mind so that you may not sin against Christ.  The Scriptures say "It is against you and you alone have I sinned".

We either please or grieve the Spirit of God in what we do or think.  

Take time to evaluate your life's priorities. 
Take time to see if you are really after what God says is success.

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