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Peace be Still

Peace be Still 
by David Brenneman 

Many a time, and only when I really stop to consider it, peace from God only came because of hearing the results of His "Peace be still...".

Have you often thought about the truth that 2 Corinthians 16:9 says?   That never more evident than from the book of Genesis.  The Lord Jesus Christ was then looking over all the Earth, His looking only showed Noah.  What a horrible time!  One person of billions whom sought after the Lord.  

Jesus would notice one person or a thousand or more because it is He who searches the hearts of mankind. 

The hearts...that which is inside of you and I means far more than what we show ourselves and others concerning who we are.

The spirit and soul of you is what's going to last for eternity.  What you're doing for Jesus from your heart is what matters to Jesus.  

To think that...the Creator God of THAT interested in me.  The me that I know fails Him daily yet He’s still at work in my life.  That same Jesus promised to never leave me nor forsake me.  At my best or at my worst.  That same Jesus ran into the muck and mire of my life when I had thought ending my life was my only path to peace...ran to me and showed me a still better way.  He wouldn't let me give up on me.  As King David sometimes said it...He dug me out of the pit.  

Jesus does not ever give up on those who've truly come to Christ for salvation. 

That same Jesus is the absolute best at being a promise keeper.  It doesn't matter if we understand his reasoning behind what He allows or doesn't permit...that same Jesus in those situations is the same Yesterday, Today and Forever. 

I love the song by Lauren Daigle "Peace be Still".   When out mowing, I turn that song up.  I tune out the world even more.  

While my thoughts are on the world in each day, keeping my mind off of my situations is hard.  I really often don't know what to do or say when faced with difficulties.  All I can do is whatever God puts in front of me to be doing and keep my trust in the Lord. 

That's what Joseph did from his early childhood into his 30's when he became Prime Minister of Egypt.  He had over a dozen years of people attempting to mistreat him. Certainly misunderstanding him. Taking him places he didn't want to be.  Never understanding why, until his promotion from dungeon to palace that he's been in training all those years.  Consider it as well that the people looked up to him after Pharaoh promoted him.  Some for sure out of fear who'd mistreated him and others because of what they saw God do with him. 

In all those 17 or so years in being sold into slavery, condemned in dungeons etc, Jesus was cultivating Joseph's heart. 

If you're in Christ, that same Jesus is at work in your heart.  You only think that you have secrets.  Jesus always already knows them all.   The sooner we give up pretending the sooner His work in us through the Spirit grows us in Christ. 

The anger of man does not bring about the righteous life that God desires for us.  

Joseph had plenty of reasons to go off the handle.   To rage at any and every person because of his situations.  But he didn't. 

We read that he trusted in the Lord. That he kept his eyes on Him.  He certainly personified leaning not on his own understanding. In all his ways he acknowledged Jesus and trusted him to make his path straight. 

The fact of Joseph's life was a right relationship with Jesus has a heart that's pleasing to God.  Joseph went from being a shepherd boy to second highest rule of a nation.  Went from what he thought his life was going to be to a person who truly lived life because of his trust in his God. 

Would I say that my life is all that I wanted it to be?  Absolutely not.  Just like Joseph, the path that I had aspired to wasn't what Jesus had in mind for me.  

Another significant consideration my Dear Reader is that the SPIRIT sets each and every single person in the body of Christ as HE sees fit.  The Spirit of God has far more interest in what's best for you than you are remotely aware of.  Joseph, even in light of two dreams concerning it, did not lord it over his brothers or his Father at the end when the dreams become reality. 

Jesus has a peace available to each and every Believer that the world can never know.  

Sometimes my best times with Jesus is just those times when words aren't necessary or needed.  Those times when all He does is hold me close.  He just holds me and calms my heart of the things distressing me.   

We can either run out in the streets of life without consideration of the dangers or stay at Jesus's side and keep pace with Him.  

Nothing can touch my life that Jesus does not allow to get through.  Same goes for you.  Staying close to Jesus is what the best answer always is in all those situations. 

Trust in the Lord with all your heart And do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight. 

Commit your ways to the Lord And He will direct your path.

Peace be still. 

All NASB 1995 and NASB Scripture Excerpts used by permission. (C) Lockman Foundation.

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