Friday, May 31, 2024

By Name

By Name...

by David Brenneman 

Some have this notion that while they have come to Christ for salvation, that He's up in Heaven somewhere and they aren't on His radar. 

My Dear Reader...our Savior knows us by name. Jesus said that His sheep hear His voice. That He is the Good Shepherd.

The more that I consider the awesomeness of just some of the capabilities of my Savior it's mind boggling. Mind blowing even.

The Bible says that when one of His sheep cries out...He comes running.  

We may not sense His presence, but nonetheless, He is there.

We may not understand the why's of our lives, but He is intimately away of every thought and detail of them.

In Revelation Jesus will separate what's been referred to as the sheep from the goats. Those who are saved are the sheep. Those who aren't are the goats. Take note that He need not ask anything of anyone to determine who is who. Why? The Bible says that to each who has come to Christ for salvation, they are sealed in the Spirit. A special identifying mark is on each and every single Believer.   

In a matter of moments He will separate millions, possibly billions of people. 

Consider that there's no way that things are linear in Heaven. God is infinite. He takes care of billions and billions of creatures in His creation every single day...and the people of the world as well. All at once and not a single individual anyone or anything escapes His notice. 

Consider further, and build upon that the Rapture of the Church...potentially billions will be resurrected. Jesus will not be going one person at a time. He will address everyone at once...because of His infinite power. His omniscience, His omnipresence.

This leads me back around to a new thought that surrounded the passage in John 10 about Jesus saying His sheep hear His voice. I now believe that at the Rapture of the Church, Jesus will call you and I by name. Jesus went to prepare a place for each of us. His words regarding those who have placed their faith and trust in Him for salvation are wholly personal. 

Our Savior is a Personal Savior. 
Our God is a Personal God.
He tells us not to worry about tomorrow because He's already there. He knows every possible outcome of every single situation we find ourselves in. All the billions of combinations of directions of our thoughts. 

When life tries to squeeze you, to beat you down, take comfort in the truth that He knows you by name. 

Throughout Eternity we will forever be with Jesus. All the billions of Believers will have unhindered access to Him. He will personally dry our tears. He said so.  

Our personal relationship with Jesus is only just beginning. In truth personal isn't even scratching the surface of how it will yet be.

Comfort one another with these words.  

Jesus loves me this I know 
For the Bible tells me so 
Little ones to Him belong 
They are weak but He is strong 
Yes, Jesus loves me!
Yes, Jesus loves me 
Yes! Jesus loves me!
The Bible tells me so. 

Names mean a great deal to my Savior. New names were given by God under special circumstances only.

Our identity is tied by the cross to our Savior in ways yet to be discovered. It's part of our sanctification. 

Be of good cheer for I have overcome the world. If I go away, I will come again and will receive you to myself.  

I love you - Jesus. 

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