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Not for a Long Time to Come!

Not for a Long Time to Come!
by David Brenneman 

‭"Then He told them a parable: “Behold the fig tree and all the trees;  as soon as they put forth leaves, you see it and know for yourselves that summer is now near. So you also, when you see these things happening, recognize that the kingdom of God is near. Truly I say to you, this generation will not pass away until all things take place. Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will not pass away." Luke 21:29-33.

The early Church had thought enough to consider that Jesus would return in their lifetime.  Some who had infiltrated the Church tried to say that He had but they had missed it.  

Date setting concerning the return of Jesus Christ is never a good thing to do.  The Father set that date and Jesus was made aware of it when He returned to Heaven.  Of course the Spirit already knew.  

The important thing to remember is what Jesus had said. "Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will not pass away."  Biblical prophecy is His words coming to pass.  Ignoring them, lowering them on your list of priorities, dismissing them, is NOT going to make a single one go away. 

Scripture says that at the right time, Jesus came, born of a virgin.  At the right time.  That right time included the development of the technology of the world at that time.  The Romans had invented highways that were paved.  They were working on other innovations as well.  His coming was predicted hundreds of years earlier and came about exactly as the Word of God had said.  His words did not pass away.

Living your life as if Bible study and Bible prophecy doesn't matter is blatantly saying the precious Word of God means that little to you. 

Elevating the words of anyone above the Word of God will shipwreck your faith.  God's Word doesn't just stand the test of time, it stands the test of eternity. 

What do you personally do with the Word of God?  Does your Bible sit n gather dust or does your Bible show wear from use?  Reading in Jeremiah today that particular King wanted Jeremiah to tell him the word from the Lord.  He told him. He then instructed Jeremiah to lie n tell the inevitable officials something else.  To keep the word of God from being known.  

As Jesus don't keep the light under a basket in a room.  It's on the basket that it might shed its light for all to see and benefit from. 

Do others benefit from the light of Jesus Christ in you?  Or are you one who hides it?  

Not telling others is not going to keep the Word of God from coming true. 

To the student of the Scriptures...we can clearly see that even in our time...Biblical prophecy is coming true.  Things written centuries ago are coming to bear on mankind.  Don't get me started on Biblically incorrect statements saying that the "powers of Hell" are fighting against these from coming to pass.  There are no powers of Hell according to the Bible.  Hell is a judgment place that had been reserved for Satan and his minions. There's no throne there for Satan.  Satan's never had horns on his head or a red body with a tail that looks like an arrowhead.  Biblically the description of Satan was absolutely not that.  

Are you at all watching for those signs in the heavens?  They are happening at an accelerated rate. Signs on the earth?  Same.  Wars and rumors of wars?  Perhaps you've heard of a few?  Earthquakes and famines in various places? 

You cannot worship God, cannot serve God, with your head in the sand about how the Spirit is in our world. 

The world wants to push Israel into the sea.  Erase the memory of the God of Jacob, the God of Isaac, the God of Abraham.  Coincidence? Absolutely not!  Satan is at war with the Lord and goes after the children of Israel.  Satan's at war with the Church of Jesus Christ...and goes after those who call upon Him. 

These are the facts of life.  

"Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will not pass away."

Are you at all one of those who will be royally embarrassed to confess that you've never ever read your Bible even once?  How would you ever be prepared for what's to come upon mankind if you don't know what Jesus wrote about it?

The book of Revelation.  Many fear reading that book.  Yet the Bible itself says that you are blessed if you have read that book. 

Being successful in the eyes of the world is not what you are alive today for.  Having a personal paradise here on Earth is not what you're to spend your time working towards.  

Growing in Christ, with respect to your salvation, is what you are here for.  Sharing that light of Jesus Christ for all the world to see is what you are to be doing.  Being in the Word of God daily to see if what's happening is written there is a privilege to you.  You have the whole word of God to read to see if those things are so!

Besides prophecy, the whole Word of God is the love letter from Jesus written to you.  Would you be one who decided that it's not important enough to read all of?

Realize the seriousness of life. 
Realize that prayer isn't optional. 
Realize that growing in Christ Jesus is your true purpose. 
Realize that success in Christ isn't necessarily success as the world sees it. 
Realize that your light is SUPPOSED to shine before men in such a way that people see your good works and glorify our Father in Heaven. 

I was convicted many years ago about much of what you are reading here today.  Today I cannot tell you how many times I have read through my Bible.  

When, 5 years ago, I certainly heard from Jesus that He would give me things to say and that it was on me to say them...I never could unless I had been in His Word. 

My prayers include praying for those who find this blog.  That someone might come to Christ because of it or that someone might come back to Jesus because of it.  In any and all cases I want God to be glorified because of it. 

In your life you too have something special to be doing in Christ.  The Spirit set you too in the body of Christ as He saw fit.  You too have something to do to let your light shine. 

Is your light under a basket or on top of it?

All NASB 1995 and NASB Scripture Excerpts used by permission. (C) Lockman Foundation.  

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