Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Do you seek?

The Lord is with you while you are with Him. If you seek Him, 
He will be found by you; but if you forsake Him, He will forsake you.

2 Chronicles 15:2

Our response to God greatly determines His presence in our lives. If we seek God with all of our hearts, then we will find Him (Jer. 29:13–14). The Lord wants to have fellowship with us, but He will not force a relationship upon us. We cannot reject fellowship with God and expect Him to remain near. He does not merely follow us throughout our day in case we need His assistance. If we continue to forsake Him, a time will come when we desperately need Him and He will not be near (Isa. 59:1–2).

It is an affront to sovereign God to treat Him like a servant who should wait upon us. God will relate to us on His terms, not ours. God desires a close walk with us. He will make His presence real and personal if that is our desire. If we repent of our sin and seek God on His terms, we can look forward to intimate fellowship with Him (James 4:8–10). We are to continually seek Him, not content to enter a new day without the assurance that God is walking beside us.
Do you say you want to experience God's presence while your actions reveal otherwise? If you say you want to know God better but neglect studying His Word, are you truly seeking Him? Have you regularly forsaken the place of prayer? If your actions reveal that you are genuinely seeking God, then He promises that you will find Him (Matt. 7:7). - Blackaby Experiencing God Day by Day 

This devotional is full of questions for all of us...but the question is do you seek?

Do you seek God beyond the morning prayer?  
Do you seek God in what you think?
Do you seek God in your plans?
Do you seek God in your day beyond a mere thought of God in the morning?
Do you seek God in your music?
Do you seek God in your recreation?

If you read what the Psalmist's wrote throughout the book of Psalms you get the real idea that a fleeting thought is not what God wants. 

People decide after they get up what they think they want to do for themselves without a second thought as to what God wants of them in that day.  Ok, now, reread that last sentence changing the words to I.
I decide after I get up what I want to do for me without a second thought as to what God wants of me today. 

That isn't the world, that is a great many people who call themselves Christians.  

Where do I get that?  Read the letters to the Churches in Revelation.  The Church that forgot its first love.  The Churches that Jesus had a problem with.  Living for self was a downfall of many a Church. 

In Corinthians Paul shows the importance of being in the body. Participating in the growth and function of the body.  Body parts and pieces that aren't doing anything for the body are usually described as diseased or cancerous. No where does it say that a Christian's job is done as an Ambassador of Christ in this life before they step into Heaven.  The two most Godly 'end of life' moments that I cherish are that of one of my Grandfathers and that of a friend who was a former professor at Grace Theological Seminary.  

When my one Grandfather was found, he had been reading his Bible. 
When my friend was found, it was the next day after an evening still writing papers for material for the ministry he was doing for God. 

How will you be written about?  Will anyone state that you sought after God?

Will anyone stand up n mention your love of God?  Will anyone say that being right before God was important to you?

Will they say anything about how much you would seek God?

Being an actor or artist or writer or any high profile job will never get a single person into Heaven.  It's their relationship with Jesus in this life that matters.  If they truly gave their lives to Christ then this life matters.  If that relationship means more than the things of this world then it ought to reveal itself as such. 

Don't get caught up in politics or culture clashes or racism.  A relationship with Jesus resolves all of those.  It's insane to me that daily more concern goes out for animals on television than unborn babies. People will donate billions to save dogs, cats, and other animals but don't fight for a human being's right to live.  That tells you clearly of a great many people who do not seek God. 

Seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.   First. Not after the day begins and in a moment of time you remember that you forgot to pray.  Start your day right.  Keep Jesus with you throughout the day.  Not just in bits n pieces of it. 

Do you seek God in your life?  Is He important at all to you? He is NOT your butler or your Genie.  He ISN'T your personal attendant for when disaster strikes.  What is your relationship with Jesus?  Do you even HAVE a relationship with Jesus? 

Settle that question today before you go any further.  If you are reading this n can't recall a time when you gave your life to Christ, look up Romans Road to Salvation.  It's time to start a relationship with Jesus. 

Do you seek God or your own welfare? 

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