Sunday, September 20, 2020

False Teachings

Along with these undoubtedly popular ones are that Satan is some red colored guy with horns on a stone throne in Hell. 

So what is Satan? Besides being a liar and the Father of lies, he disguises himself as an angel of light.  Where is he? Only two places.  He isn't omnipresent. The Bible shows that he checks in with the Lord daily in Job.  And that he prowls around the world seeking someone to devour.  He no more wants to be in Hell than the people he helps send there.  He knows full well what Hell is. It is exactly what Jesus described it to be. Nobody there wants to be there. Humans for sure are there. Possibly some demons. Satan certainly will not willingly go there. 

He is a deceiver.  THE deceiver.  His desire is to be on God's Throne as God. He cares not who all dies and goes to Hell, he just doesn't want anyone to make it to Heaven. 

Be sure to question and pray about any doctrines or teachings of a Church.  What is preached must match up with the Word of God.  Destroying speculations.  Taking thoughts captive.  

Someone out there really must have a need to read this post because it's been a struggle to get it written and posted. 

Pray always and often.  Be thankful in all things.  Keep the faith. 

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