Monday, September 14, 2020

The grand reception...that you haven't seen

“This man receives sinners.” Luke 15:2 NKJV 

Observe the condescension in this verse. This man, who towers over all other men—He is holy, harmless, undefiled, and separate from sinners—“this man receives sinners.” This man, who is no other than the eternal God, before whom angels cover their faces—“this man receives sinners.” It takes an angel’s tongue to describe such a mighty lowering of love. It is nothing special for any of us to be willing to seek after the lost—they are of our own kind. But that Jesus, the offended God against whom all sins have been committed, should take on himself the form of a servant and bear the consequences of that sin—and then be willing to receive the worst of the worst—this is astonishing. “This man receives sinners”—but not so they can remain sinners. He receives them so He can pardon their sins, justify their persons, cleanse their hearts by His purifying Word, preserve their souls by the indwelling Holy Spirit, and enable them to serve Him, to show His praise to the world, and to have communion with Him. Jesus receives sinners into His heart of love, taking them from the refuse heap and wearing them as jewels in His crown. He plucks them like twigs from a fire, and preserves them as costly evidences of His mercy. No one is as precious in Jesus’s sight as the sinners for whom He died. When He receives sinners, He does not keep them out in His yard or in a side room where He might entertain a passing beggar—no, He opens the golden gate of His royal heart, receiving the sinner right into himself. He admits humble, repenting sinners into personal union, making them members of His body, His flesh, and His bones. There was never such a reception as this! Here is a sure fact this evening: Jesus is still receiving sinners. If only sinners would receive Him!  - C.H. Spurgeon Morning and Evening 

There's a grand reception in Heaven for each who has come to Christ.  A celebration of the ages that the recipient has never seen.  Each one that receives Christ as their Lord and Savior is celebrated in Heaven, proving, person-by-person that the Plan of God was worth it for Jesus. 

We never see that celebration, but, it happens.  When Jesus returns, we will finally be a part of that celebration ourselves.  In Heaven we will be with all the other success stories of God.  Eating and drinking at the table of Jesus. Glorified bodies in which there is no defect.  

For me, I will no longer have flat feet, no longer have partial vision.  Will have no scars to speak of.  No defects at all. Won't be overweight.  Won't be tired. No more aches. What two things do I look forward to the most?  Seeing Jesus with two perfect eyes, the first time in my existence that I will have two perfect eyes.  The second is to be able to finally embrace my Lord and Savior.  There's a picture you can look for called First Day in Heaven. 

It should appear in this posting.  Some have adapted it for various colors of people.  But the truth is that too would be me.

I would be happy to sweep the floors of Heaven if that's what I would be doing after that moment.  

The celebration.  My friend if you haven't come to Christ, there is but anticipation in Heaven for you until your final breath.  Angels waiting to see if you're the next person.  I am a firm believer that those who have died in Christ cannot see this Earth from Heaven.  There's no way that Heaven wouldn't be full of the tears of the ones who made it if they were able to see this world today.  Angels, on the other hand, have seen it all.  Jesus, obviously, sees all.  There are no tears in Heaven as Scripture says that Jesus wipes them away Himself. 

Oh to be celebrated, to be up there when an angel declares "There's another one!".

Our lives are full of much decision and indecision.  Full of stress and anxiety. Of strife.  In Heaven, there's perfect peace. 
In Hell, there's torment and pain. Jesus tells us clearly from His own mouth just what unrepentant people receive in Hell.

People who are there are either weeping because they blew it or are are angry at God, gnashing their teeth at their Creator who took them there. Because their standards of good didn't match what God said was the standard.  

The Celebration. The one we have never seen.  Oh my friend, if you haven't chosen Jesus, do so today, give all Heaven a reason to celebrate.  Don't put it off to some other moment in time. You are not promised a next breath, it's granted, by God above to give you your opportunity. 

Today thousands will die who thought they had a Monday to live in. Thousands who believed that life was going to go on. That they were going somewhere in life.  That today was going to be like any other day before it.

In 2003 I thought it was going to be a day unlike any other.  I got ready for work, got out the door to the local gas station. Got a 12 pack of Pepsi.  Pulled out onto the main road, heading for the highway.  One traffic light away from the highway a semi truck decided to run a red light.  In a matter of seconds my pick up truck was shortened by 3 feet.  That's 45 mph of my velocity to his 18 wheeler's speed.  The last visual that I had was just prior to impact.  A hand went over my eyes and I heard "I don't want you to see this."  The next 6 weeks of my life weren't what I ever wanted.  Arguing with their insurance company, having my arm in a cast. Hardly being able to sleep.  Not being able to do anything.  All happened in a moment.  A little longer than the blink of an eye.  Nothing that I was expecting.  I was expecting the beginning of a heavy overtime week at work.  Had I not been in that place and time that driver would have killed a woman in a minivan next to me. She never would have saw it coming. My discomfort saved her life.  God could have just as easily taken my life that morning.  He can just as easily take your life today.  Please don't put off your decision to receive Jesus as your personal Savior another second. Your life too may change in an instant. 

Give Heaven a reason to celebrate. 

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