Wednesday, September 30, 2020

If God loves...then why...

Then Ananias, hearing these words, fell down and breathed his last. 
So great fear came upon all those who heard these things.

Acts 5:5

When God brings judgment upon someone, our natural inclination is often sympathy toward the one being disciplined. Yet when God acts in judgment, our sympathies ought always to lie with Him. Only God knows all that is at stake, and only He knows the full circumstances that provoked His wrath upon the one He is judging.

Ananias and Sapphira's experience is one of the most perplexing stories in the New Testament. In a time when God's grace had provided salvation for all mankind, His response to this couple seems unusually harsh. Yet there was much at stake in their deception. The church was in its formative stages. Ananias and Sapphira had witnessed the miraculous power of God and had seen thousands of people being added to the church. Nevertheless, they showed little regard for the Spirit of God when they blatantly lied to God and the church. Such irreverence would have been devastating to a church whose very life depended upon the presence and guidance of God's Spirit. God left a sobering reminder that He would not tolerate sin.
Many times the sin of one Christian has a devastating effect on others. At times, God chooses to judge someone's sin severely, as a deterrent for others. Don’t try to protect someone from the judgment of God. It is a terrifying thing to fall under His judgment (Heb. 10:31). Yet His judgment on one may ultimately save that person and many others. When God is judging others, take heed and examine your own life. God knows what is at stake; He loves His children enough to provide a stark warning of sin's dangers. - Blackaby Experiencing God Day by Day 

Many times people give the impression that they are confused by God's behavior.  That in what they see in the Bible or in real life that there is no consistency to God's behavior.  Actually, God is entirely consistent.  

But why does evil persist?  If God is a God of love, why do evil people continue to do bad things? Why doesn't He put a stop to all the abortions, rapes, murders, human trafficking and all the other evil things in this world?  

God isn't a part time God.  
God isn't your butler. 
God isn't anyone's genie. 
God isn't there only to rescue you out of a tight spot, then is to be ignored soon afterwards. 
God isn't going to get you out of a tight fix only so you can jump into another one. 

Jesus wants a relationship with you.  Not a superficial thing, a true relationship.  Not a casual one, not an arbitrary one, a real one.  Not a relationship in passing like a grocery clerk or policeman.  

To go that far in your life requires a need for no barriers.  It requires acceptance of the terms of Salvation in Christ.  

These two people tried to manipulate God in front of the Church.  

Sin is a serious business to God.  What mankind casually dismisses cost Jesus His life on the cross.  He cared enough to take on all the sin of all mankind.  

I find it interesting that Paul, in Ephesians 3 mentioned it being a hidden mystery.  Yet most who describe the very beginnings of God's plans to provide Salvation for mankind...mankind...not just Israel because Israel wasn't remotely a found in Genesis. 

God indeed is seeking to save that which is lost...people.  He does indeed deal with sinful people in today's world.  He does indeed deal with evil in this world today.  

The problem is this world today is telling God what it wants out of Him not wanting to be told what to do or not do by Him. 

This world is telling God to accept them as they are. To receive them and their sinful practices.  To go against His Word in all truth...that's what they want.  This world doesn't believe there are people deserving Hell. This world also has people believing that what they do, is being done for God, when it isn't.  This world is pushing its own self justification.  Telling God that He is wrong!

Jesus indeed does love everyone equally. 
It breaks His heart that His creation turns its back on Him.  

But what you, my friend,  need to realize is He does...not...change.  He is the same, yesterday, today and forever. He is always true to His Word.  He has to deal with sin in the world.  Judgment is coming.  A day set by His Father was established when He was on the cross.  A day when 'enough is enough'.  A day when the last person to be saved in this age of man will be the other bookend of the life of the Church. It began with the thief on the cross. It will someday end in like manner. Then comes the 7 years of judgements in the book of Revelation. Then comes the 70th week of Daniel as prophesied by Daniel. As written in Ezekiel, Jeremiah.  Other places in the Bible.  

God must be true to His Word.  He had already shown what His creation will do in the days of judgement. They will steadfastly refuse Him. Shake their fists and curse Him.  That's what's coming. That's what is in this world today. 

Jesus seeks a real relationship with you and I.  Not a superficial television or movie type of one.  A real one.  No holds barred. 

Will you open your heart to God today or will you continue to fight Him?  The choice is yours, but remember that choice had eternal consequences. When you die there is only Heaven and Hell as destinations. Jesus tells all plainly that without going through Him you will not see Heaven. He tells all plainly what Hell is like.  

My friend please stop resisting His call to you today!  Let today be your new Birthday in Christ! Let today be your day you came to Christ to be saved and began a new relationship with Jesus. 

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