Friday, September 16, 2022

Among the Scoffers...are You One of Them?

Among the Scoffers...are You One of Them?

by David Brenneman

Many today don't live life with the thought that at any moment Christ could return.

Many today don't live life with the thought that they might not even have a next breath standing up to go across the floor...or even while sitting reading this even.

Many today are thinking that the return of Christ is 'oh so far off'' that they have 'time to get right with Jesus'...until then they're content to do their own thing.

One of my favorite stories is "The Time Machine" by H.G. Wells.  It's always a classic to me and honestly in 30 plus years of listening to or reading it, I end up finding something else that's amiss in the story line.  Things of wondering why he did this or that in it when the solution was within the machine itself.  In our world today the solution to what ails the world is within this world itself...a right relationship with Jesus.

So many are hungering after the things in this world.  The rush of adrenaline from whatever can produce it.  Be it sports, entertainment, be it anything.  People seek the thrill of what the world's offering and believe they can 'get around' to God.

Many outright mock and laugh at the idea of the return of Christ.  They even go so far as to teach and falsely preach that the Church will go through the punishment that will be coming concerning the 7 year Great Tribulation.  

People are blessed by God and yet spend it on themselves and do not attempt to return any of those blessings back to God in gratitude and thanks.  People get consumed with their physical bodies instead of their Spiritual one being the greater priority.  Get the Spirit right the body will follow.  Never in the four Gospels is it found that Jesus was teaching on diets and physical fitness programs.  Never is it found that the things of this world take equal priority to the things of God or are set above them. "Seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you."  Be right with God in all ways and things and the rest will work itself out.

People can scoff and mock without saying all to much but what they do say speaks volumes.  The attitude behind the actions.  The times that words do come out they come out with such disdain and contempt that there's no mistaking they have issues with God and quite often take it out on those who do believe in Him and His Second Coming.

People with bad experiences with God, try to hold their breath to try to get God to change and bow to their will on how life is going to be.  Oh that never works...

People are buried in stress don't realize or want to believe that God is a God of hope if only they would release their authority on their own lives and give it all to Jesus.

We often can be found among the scoffers and mocking people of the world simply by association.

Wasting the time given to us rather than making the most of every opportunity...and even going as far as to justify that time wasted.  We need to spend hours doing this, need to spend on this or that to be able to be better equipped for ministry or for serving...and yet never get around to that ministry or to serving.

To deny self is to put someone else's priorities above our own. In the case of a relationship with Jesus it means putting His priorities above our own. In everything from sleeping to work to eating to clothing to this possession or that possession to eating to sleeping again. 

To look around your home you can see just who is on the throne of your heart.

To look at who's logo's are on your clothing you can see who's got a spot reserved in your throne room of your heart.

To look at where your time, energy and efforts are spent you can see who's really on the throne of your heart.

To look honestly at your motivations you will see who's interests are really being served...yours or God's in the sanctification process of your life.

To look at where you spend the money He's blessed you with will speak volumes as well.

Add it all up and you will see if you're a silent scoffer, mocker, one of those who's not taking the Word of God seriously.  Most don't realize that there are no significant prophecies left to come true before the return of Christ.  Most don't realize that today very well could be 'that day' that should they be among the saved of this world they could within a twinkling of an eye find themselves in a glorified body facing Jesus Christ. Most don't realize what in the world it means to make the most of every opportunity...they laugh off the idea of today being that day...and live for self.  

Most have at least heard of a movie called "War Room".  I've not seen it yet but know the premise. My "Den/Workshop" is going to be my "War Room".  It will be indeed where I take people to the Lord in Prayer. It indeed will be for me to help others in what ways that I can.  It will indeed be where I try to minister as I'm lead to do so by the Spirit be it online or in just helping people.  Using what talents and abilities that I've been blessed with to do the work that I've been called to do while it's still "day" for as the Scriptures say "night is coming when no one will do any work".  It's been pressed upon my heart to be found to be a doer of the word as the Bible says to be.   Trying to make the most of every opportunity..."for the days are evil." Ephesians 5:16. 

Take a deep look at  your life.  What have you accumulated that was worthless to obtain?  What do you waste hours doing that could be better spent learning to grow in Christ?  Do you have people in your life? Then you have people to pray for.  Do you have blessings in abundance?  Who in your life needs a blessing?   Do you need to honestly downsize your life in order to be of some Earthly good to your Father in Heaven?   This world has landfills a plenty because people so easily give into temptation to buy this or that and we have corporations who intentionally design things to break so we are dumb enough to go buy another and they profit off our lack of will power.

People will spend hours watching with incredibly deep and passionate interest in movies or sports and honestly God help those who speak ill of those things because their wrath, their mocking, their scoffing will come down on you.  Been there lived that.  Guess what people: That's the sign that those things are idols.

Take a good look at your life.  Quit lying to yourself and quit deceiving yourself and get your priorities straight.  Time is very very much not on your side.  Your very breath is a gift from God...don't waste it. Your very moment in time is ordained by God for His purposes towards saving a humanity that just might listen to someone such as yourself if you were living as Jesus wanted you to.

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