Wednesday, September 28, 2022

He Won't Stop...But..

He Won't Stop...But...
by David Brenneman 

Have read people asking questions as to why this government or government agency is doing this or that. Why are those in the scientific community and medical community doing this or that. Why is it so obvious to some people but not others?

Satan's the Prince of the power of the air. He's temporarily, until such a time as enough is enough, the ruler of this world. 

Satan's chief aim is the Throne of God. 
It's on his agenda to discredit in even the smallest of details any aspect of the Word of God.  The goals and aims of all those same said institutions is to do just that. 

People wonder why so many things that seem to be the same thing.  Well, read the Gospels, Satan had way more than one path started to try to kill Jesus. The avenue of the cross was written in the Old Testament. It wasn't going to be any other way. 

As it is written. 

When tempted by Satan, that's how Jesus responded.  "It is written...".

In other somewhat less avenues of his, Satan's using everything he can to water down the Word of God in the lives of Believers.  He's trying to keep those who have not yet decided from finding out the truth of God.  He absolutely doesn't want more people added to the Book of Life. 

He uses every possible distraction that can be created in the thoughts of mankind.  Everything that's permitted by God that doesn't violate God's plan and purpose, that doesn't violate His Word. 

By everything it means everything. 

From what we call entertainment to what we eat, how we eat, how we interact with each other.  Everyone who is breathing is someone that the enemy of God has his sights on.  He is relentlessly pursuing his agenda. 

But...for those who are in Christ Jesus. 
For those who do claim the name of Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior we have the promises of God in our corner.  We have "Greater is He who is in you than he who is in this world." 1 John 4:4.

We have still others to trust in and rely on because Satan's plans cannot change them.  

His plans rely on subtlety. He will try to get you to convince you.  He will get you to justify what you do that has absolutely nothing to do with growing in Christ Jesus.  He will get you to fixate on anything and everything else so that you miss out on the blessings of God.  

One of his greatest is getting us to not forgive ourselves.  In this he had me for decades.  Literally.  Getting us to maybe forgive others.  Getting us no put even what on the surface seems to be good things as more important than growing in Christ.  Everything from the way we eat to the way we interact with people.  Paul was very conscious about his intentions and interactions with people. He didn't want to be that reason someone didn't live for Jesus the way they ought to. 

We also have the promise that the battle belongs to the Lord.  Though he fights it in every way, he is subject to the will of God. He has to report to Heaven daily. Read that in Job. He has to give an account himself. 

In Christ we have a hope that the world cannot know...but it's on us to live life in such a way that people see it. 

Look at your life. You are in the battle.  What things, what thoughts, have you convinced yourself are ok and 'safe' that Biblically are not?

What to you direct your passion and energy to that has nothing to do with your purpose in Christ? 

For me it's a struggle at times to keep on task.  It's a struggle to not just go with the flow.  To put my interests above the interests of others.  To sit and waste hours.  I admit there's times that I do.  

What is going on in your life that's never going to show anyone anything about how much Jesus loves them?  

We often don't associate things of the modern world as being rooted in idolatry yet when you apply the Scriptures, oh it's everywhere. 

An idol is anything or anyone that is elevated higher than God's plan and purpose for you in your heart and mind. Regardless of the justification.  Cars, food, recreational activities, people, hobbies, sports, jobs, family, individuals, study of history, fiction, non-fiction, it exists in the mind of man or in the physical world it's possible to become an idol if it takes the place of Jesus within the life of a Believer. 

Satan's best helpers are often those Christians he has already misguided.  

It's why it's so important to be in prayer, to be in the Word of God. To find a Bible believing, Bible preaching Church.  It's why we trust in the Word of God and not in ourselves.  Satan will try to get us to always trust in ourselves rather than checking with the Word of God or to ask God. 

Really realize just what's going on in the world.  The Bible WILL always come true. 
The future isn't going to be some utopia. There's never going to be some great awakening of mankind that saves everyone by the power of mankind.  

There's a day fixed that Jesus IS going to return. 
There's a day fixed that the Church will be taken from this world. 
There's a day fixed that the Great Tribulation will begin and will last for 7 years. 
There's a day fixed when Jesus will rule and reign on this Earth for 1,000 years. 
There's a day fixed for the final judgment of mankind. 

Satan's aims are to try to stop all of those and more. 

We need to be with other Believers. 
We need to be in the Word of God. 
We need better priorities in living that reflect our relationship with Jesus. 
We need to be about the Father’s business as Jesus was 2,000 years ago. 
We need a richer prayer life. 
We need a deeper prayer life.
We need an extreme makeover to rid our lives of what is taking God's place in our lives. 

What is in your life that isn't God honoring?
What's in your life that you need to reconsider?

Are you helping rather than hindering what Satan's doing in this world?  

Are your works causing people to glorify your Father in Heaven or are they so lackluster that people don't give you a second glance?

The Battle belongs to the Lord but we are His body if indeed we are in Christ Jesus. We have work to do that's ours to do.  Isaiah said Here am I, send me!  
Would your life look like someone who was sent by God to a lost world? 

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