Monday, September 5, 2022

Eye has Not Seen

Eye has Not Seen 
by David Brenneman 

"but just as it is written: “Things which eye has not seen and ear has not heard, And which have not entered the human heart, All that God has prepared for those who love Him.”" 1 Corinthians 2:9 NASB 

A year ago I was prompted to write about the topic of "I don't believe in God!".  The truth is far from the reality in people.  When "self" is pressured to its very end truth reveals that God is still an option.  When we can utterly conceive of absolutely no other way we dig deep enough to cry out to our Creator.  Many, however, are so far gone that they will still yet refuse to acknowledge...for now. 

These are those in Hell that are gnashing their teeth at God.  Their anger against the Holy God will be revealed on the great Judgment Day.  Yet they too will bow, they too will confess that Jesus is Lord. 

The obstinate willful rejection of any need for a Savior will have an end in the end of days.  

I do believe in the imminent return of Jesus Christ to remove those who have died in Christ, having been reunited with their now glorified bodies. Plus those who are alive and remain who have placed their faith and trust in Christ Jesus alone for salvation. Scripturally this is acceptable and accurate.  Mankind, at any given moment, is always 7 years plus 1,000 years away from the end of time.  

Many millions of people think they can put it off. That they can get in living however they want in life before they decide to live for Jesus.  

Many we often see on television, movies or streaming, are honestly misleading others. Sounding all Christian-like yet when you really compare their words to the Bible they are the false teachers we are warned about.  

Even 2,000 plus years ago a church in Berea wouldn't even take the words of the Apostles to heart until their words were compared to the Scriptures.  Every letter written that's in the New Testament was compared to the Old. Every part added, compared to those parts approved.

Yet in our world today we aren't taking time to check ourselves.  I too am guilty of this.  

I see so many people honestly trying to exist through life.  They find things to fill their time on Earth.  They had a "bad experience" at a church or grew up in a church yet drifted away from God. 

This isn't limited to the unbelieving. Believers can fill their days with self.  They have been financially abundantly blessed and rather than helping others all the more they spend it on themselves.  

Believers can live for self just as much as those who don't yet believe.  Satan's twisted traumatic events to get even the strongest of Believers to walk away from their calling in Christ Jesus.  

It takes work to be physically fit.
It takes work to be Spiritually fit.

Both are necessary to be able to work, both in the physical world and the Spiritual world.  A balance must be obtained. Excessive focus on physical health isn't healthy at all.  You leave no time to give to Jesus. 

We honestly live in a broken down culture concerning health.  Decades of manipulative greed to obtain corporate profits has left billions with health issues.  
We honestly live in a broken down culture concerning Spiritual health.  Decades of manipulative people swaying the multitudes to live in unbiblical ways.  

The Bible says to die to self. Live for Jesus.  It's not as easy as it sounds.  I often am that whiny kid in my prayers to God about life, perhaps you are too. 

We don't go to enough lengths to walk with Jesus.  We don't recognize when we are in danger towards sinning. We don't have a plan for known temptation let alone what to do concerning the unknown.

We can't see what God's got in mind for you and I. 

We can't see what's awaiting us when we obey.
We can't see what's been averted, the catastrophes that Jesus prevented. 
We can't see the myriads of possibilities in any given decision that Jesus sees. 

We can't see how many heartbeats we have left in our lives but He can.

We can't see how we could be blessed if we would but let go of what we hold on to in life.  We cannot take anything with us when we die.  Literally our possessions become realistically someone else's mess to disperse and disposition. 

Believer or second after you die your thoughts are not on this Earth, not on those you left behind. Your thoughts are exactly on those things that eye has not seen and ear has not heard. 

For those who don't yet believe in the here and now, should you die without salvation in Christ Jesus, you will come face-to-face with the truth of the judgment of God. You will find yourself in Hell, not enjoying it at all, awaiting that final judgment day...those first seconds won't be seconds at all. Time only exists in the physical world. You will find eternity a very tangible thing. Paying for your own sins an excruciatingly painful endeavor. 

For those who have Believed and are saved for first taste of eternity is finding yourself in the very presence of Jesus Christ. Right before that very Throne of Jesus where your prayers came to when you lived on the Earth.  You hear, see, experience Heaven as the grandest of places to worship God. There's that eye has not seen and ear has not heard part.  
You experience peace and rest unlike anything you ever knew possible.

It blows my mind, even though I know why, that people would mislead people in regards to life and death. In regards to the return of Jesus Christ.  I really don't care how popular someone's life, books, title, or whatever is or has been in this world.  If they preach a gospel or teach anything contrary to the Word of God they are a false teachers.  To preach and teach that the Church will be here during the Great Tribulation is a false teaching. There's no way Jesus is going to beat the life out of His Bride before receiving His Bride in Heaven.  This is but one example. 

Our eyes see only the physical world. It takes a right relationship with Jesus to see things with eyes of His truth.  Our eyes will deceive us. We really can't trust them.  Thus the passage about walking by faith not by sight.  

Jesus isn't going to beat down anyone's door.  But soon He won't be knocking. While people will be saved throughout the Great Tribulation, we read of a special place for them until the Great Tribulation has ended.  Most all will die during that 7 years because they will be enemies of the state. Satan's rule through his AntiChrist will not allow the world to worship God, that comes with a death penalty.  You might be thinking "Worship?". Yes.  The world will be forced to worship the new world leader.  Worship or you won't buy or sell. Worship or you won't have a life to speak of. 

While all that is going on the Judgments of God as spelled out in the Bible will take place.  The destruction will be global. 

My friend this isn't said to frighten you in any respect but one.  Your sins must be dealt with in the here and now while there is yet time.  While the opportunity exists before Jesus returns.  

We don't know what today has in store. We might stand up, as a friend's husband did, and fall dead to the ground.  Finding ourselves in eternity.  We might have a day where we meet complete strangers. We might have moments with family for perhaps the final time.  We don't know...but we ARE told in the Bible to be ready. To be prepared.  To live life in such a way that people see our good works and glorify our Father in Heaven. To live life as Jesus wants us to live.  To not shrink back from our calling in Christ Jesus for those who have salvation in Christ Jesus.   

Let today be that day, let this moment be your moment to come to Christ for salvation that's free. I am certain that they won't mind, but if you text the word "Jesus" to (330) 264-9459, the Pastors there would gladly show you how to be saved. Would gladly help encourage you in your new life in Christ.  Every Sunday that offer is sent out throughout the world. 

Oh what you haven't yet seen that God has prepared for you. 

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