Sunday, March 12, 2023

What He's Done, Not What I've Done

What He's Done, Not What I've Done 
by David Brenneman 

A really good song that's certainly on my Playlist is "What He's Done", made popular in part by Passion with Kristian Stanfill, written by Anna Golden, Tasha Cobbs Leonard, Kristian Stanfill, Jacob Sooter. 

To me, at least, it ties in with the old hymn, "To God be the Glory".  

Our walk in this life never ought to be about pointing people to us or our achievements.  It's always about what the Lord's done in and through us. It all about all the glory to the Father and the Son through the power of the Spirit of God. 

When we point people to us then we aren't pointing them to God.  God's Word, the Bible, is always where we ought to begin in learning and understanding.  It never should be outside of that first.  The Bible says of itself that it is living and active. Sharper than any two-edged sword. Able to divide even the soul from the spirit. 

That's what He's done. Established by God through men inspired by God. No other book can claim what His does.

We are warned of people being lovers of themselves as the first part of a list of warnings about how people would be in the end times.  Take a simple review of LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook any other social media platform and you see ample proof of people being more and more lovers of themselves.  Promoting themselves rather than promoting God. Wanting their words to be considered, consulted and remembered rather than God's.  "While holding to a form of godliness although they deny its power". 

When you are among people are you after their approval or are you seeking the approval of God? 

When you are speaking are you pointing people towards the truth of God or is it about you?

When questioned by Jesus the Disciples replied where are we to go? You have the words of life.

The Berean Church would only receive even the words of the Apostles only after comparing it to the rest of the Word of God.  

Achievements are all well and good in this life, but they can't be a replacement for a real right relationship with Jesus.  I care not what certifications or diplomas or what papers I have written that might impress others.  None are on the walls of my den. What's on the walls of my den are reminders that point me to Jesus.  I don't need the approval of man in succeeding at life. I need to be found doing what my Lord and Savior Jesus said I ought to be doing. 

I should be a reflection of what He's done in me for others to see.  Nothing that a certification holds, nothing that any further schooling would provide by way of diplomas or degrees will amount to any benefit when I stand before Jesus to give an account of my life. Of what I did in the body for Jesus.  It's about what He's done, not about what I'm doing for me.  I never want it to be said that I have I itis...talking about whatever I have done, what I have achieved, about I this or I that.  I am His workmanship created in Christ Jesus for good works that I might walk in them. 

When you look at your life as seen by others do they hear you speak of the wonders of God in your life or do they hear you pointing to you? 

The Bible says that you can't have both good and bad coming out of the same vessel.  The Bible says that what is holy ought to remain as such. We are to be Holy as God is Holy.  Setting our minds on things above is to seek out what matters to God, not necessarily what matters to us.

What He's Done...all glory to the Father and the Son. My sins are forgiven, my futures in Heaven, I praise God for what He's done. 

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