Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Which are you? If You Remain Which Will You Be?

Which are You? Which Will You Be if You Remain?
by David Brenneman 

Jesus said of those who weren't with the Disciples, who weren't walking with Jesus, that no one would be able to truly testify of Him and then soon after not.

Which kind of person are you in regards to these two types of people in the book of Mark and the book of Revelation?

Jesus is GOING to come at an hour that nobody will expect.  He said so and He will do just that. 

For those who have put their faith and trust in Christ Jesus alone for salvation, both those who have died and those alive at the time, the Hosanna! response will happen.  Millions, possibly, will be flocking to now empty Churches, seeking Jesus to come back and get them, for only then have they believed.

Still others will despair and have the other reaction. Thinking that there's no hope and will want to die.  Some of these will indeed kill themselves.  Some will be enraged enough to go all in with the now revealed world leader in opposition to God. 

Look around you and see that this world isn't going through changes for no reason. 

This world is preparing for the judgment of God to come.  It's alive in that even it wants to declare the power and eminence of Jesus Christ.  Jesus said that if those before Him at the time were silent the very rocks would cry out. 

My Dear Reader, you, much as I just read in the Old Testament account from Moses to the children of Israel who were about to enter into the Promised Land, have life and death set before you. 

Life is only found in a right relationship with Jesus Christ. 
It's never found in good thoughts or feelings. 
It's never found in good vibes.
It's never found in diet and exercise. 
It's never found in psychology. 

It's found in Christ Jesus alone.  That relationship is of the Spirit, it's not found in the things of this world. 

It's not rooted in success or prosperity. 
It's not rooted in anything but faith...the faith of a child. 

Those who reject Jesus in this time before His return still have hope to come to Christ. It's only ended when they die without Jesus.  After Jesus returns 7 years worth of the most powerful judgments of God will happen on this Earth.  People will either see and believe or they will harden their hearts and continue to reject Jesus. 

In those 7 years, all who choose to come to Christ for salvation will be declared enemies of the state.  Beheaded for staying true to God.  That's how far it will go. 

Right here, right now, you have a choice. 

Right here, right now, you indeed can stand in your faith in Jesus Christ and maybe not be put to death for it.  In some countries that happens even right now.  In many others people who are Christians are ignored. That will not be the case in that time after the Rapture of the Church. 

No, you don't "have time". 

Many keep putting off coming to Christ to be saved.  Thinking that there's no hurry. 
Thinking that they don't want to give up their life just yet.  As Jesus said what does it profit you to gain the whole world and yet lose your soul?  What will you give in exchange for your soul?

You will either be ready for His return and be excited or you won't be and will be terrified at being left behind. 

A true surge in revivals that are genuine is not by coincidence or happenstance.  It's the Spirit of God in the bottom of the 4th quarter with not much time left until its game over. When those who are dead in Christ Jesus will arise from the dead first to meet Jesus in the air. Then those who are alive and remain will likewise join Him and we will leave this world to forever be with Him.  He said it, I believe it, and that settles it for me...what about you?

Are you still stubbornly holding onto what you call life?  Billions will be dying in the opening years of the Great Tribulation. Not thousands, not millions, billions. 

The world is doing exactly as the Bible said. "Where is He? Where is the promise of His coming? For things are going on just as they always have!" All the preparations by God for His return escape the notice of most people. 

Before you are death and life. 

You won't regret coming to Christ for salvation.  You WILL regret it if you aren't ready when He returns. 

You will either be excited about Jesus coming or you will want to die because you didn't take Jesus seriously.  

The free gift of salvation is available right here right now.  Settle it now with Jesus. 

Please don't hesitate or wait any longer. 

Good thoughts, feelings, programs, self-help won't save you.  No more than anything in this world is required for the life of a Believer than a right relationship with Jesus. In Christ we only need the Spirit of God to teach us and a willing heart to listen and learn.  The power of God does it all. 

To borrow my Spiritual Dad's favorite line at the end of his own newsletter "I am waiting for the shout to call us out!".

Go to and see Biblical prophecy in light of today's world. 

Jesus Christ is returning.  Will you be ready?

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