Friday, September 8, 2023

Fighting a Battle the He's Already Won

Fighting a Battle that He's Already Won
by David Brenneman 

There's peace that outlasts darkness
Hope thats in the blood
There's future grace thats mine today
That Jesus Christ has won
So I can face tomorrow
For tomorrow's in Your hands
All I need you will provide
Just like you always have

I'm fighting a battle
That you've already won
No matter what comes my way
I will overcome
I don't know what your doing
But I know what you've done
I'm fighting a battle that
You've already won

There's mercy in the waiting
Mana for today
And when it's gone I know you're not
You are my hope and stay
When the sea is raging
Your Spirit is my help
He'll fix my eyes on Jesus Christ
And I'll say that is well
Oh I know that it is well

I'm fighting a battle
That you've already won
No matter what comes my way
I will overcome
I don't know what your doing
But I know what you've done
I'm fighting a battle that
You've already won

I know how the story ends
We will be with you again
You're my Savior my defense
No More fear in life or death
I know how this story ends
-Shane and Shane "You've Already Won"

It's one of those times again where I wake up to a song that I've heard.  

We need reminders.  In our world of people casting blame on others for what they've done, this song ought to give pause for consideration. 

I know of people who have a chip on their shoulders.  I myself was truly rebuked by God to stop carrying around one myself.

We cannot seek to make others pay for things done in this life.  When you realize the truth of God's word, that it's always much more effective and important to leave room for His justice, if necessary, His vengeance, life will be more peaceful for us.

There's no blame casting being taught in God's word.  Jesus is the righteous Judge. Jesus is omniscient, omnipotent One.

As I was reading last night in Dr. David Jeremiah's Study Bible, we do not know what work God's doing in someone else's life.   Quite literally, to paraphrase, quit sticking in your two-cent's worth into enacting your own plans to punish others for what they're doing or have done!  
Let go of the past sins of others.  Would you rather Jesus REMEMBER your own sins rather than to forgive you?

Paul wrote that we are to have the mind of Christ Jesus.  If you're holding onto bitterness, it's a snake that keeps on biting you while you're waiting for the other person to feel it's effects.

Why is oh so necessary for people to get back at others?  Why does Spiritual blindness happen?  When people insist on feelings and emotions that are Biblically unhealthy, that's what hardens hearts, that's what brings roots of bitterness. Blindness is inevitable. 

Our eyes are to be fixed on Christ and His finished work on the cross.  To share that good news with others.  Not making sure we get what we want to see in regards to other's treatment of us.  

Oh so many Christians are going to be asked the "why?" question from Jesus.  Do you, my Dear Reader, honestly want that to be you?  Are you so bent on being right that you're taking others apart? Are you so trying to prove your position in life that your intent on destroying another?  Are you washed in the blood of Jesus Christ or aren't you?  Are you?  Those in Christ Jesus are not doing the work of Satan in living life for themselves.  I know of people who are insisting they've doing what God wanted of them, yet that chip is still there on the shoulder. They are still trying to justify what they themselves have done to others even though the people being treated by them are indeed children of God.  It's a horrible example of a Christian life. 

My Friend, let go of your past. You do not even need psychologists to do that.  Give up on rage and self-justification.  Give up on it all and give it all to Jesus to deal with.   

Fruitless rage is what it is.  It does not show that you are attached to the true vine of Christ Jesus.  

Most psychologists get you to point to others as to why you are the way you are.  Blame shifting.  Jesus said to come to Him all who are weak and heavy laden and He will give you rest.  Why insist on carrying around a load that isn't necessary?  Would you try to carry a refrigerator on your back that's weighing you down when Jesus has an appliance dolly that can more than adequately handle it?

You will never find peace in life without laying it all down at the feet of Jesus. 
It doesn't matter what some head shrinker tells you.  Truth is found only in the Word of God, not in mumbo-jumbo.  

Let go, my Dear Reader it will only, truly, be a point of contention between you and Jesus, not you and whomever hurt you. 

"And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:7.

Stop fighting a battle that He's already won.  Stop tearing down, tearing others apart.  Build one another up in the Lord Jesus Christ. 

All NASB 1995 and NASB Scripture Excerpts used by permission. Lockman Foundation.

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