Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Are You On Board?

Are You On Board?
by David Brenneman 

Many people have come to Christ for salvation...but do they, do you, understand what all that encompasses?

Surrendering your will to your Lord and Savior.  Learning how to let go of self and to embrace the life that's been planned out for you since before you were born.  To wrap your head around the truth that you are His workmanship created in Christ Jesus for good works that you might walk in them.  Denying self and taking up our own cross and following Jesus.  

It's not at all like the Frank Sinatra song of doing it my way.  

In reading of how many people today don't like hearing of the truth concerning Biblical makes me shake my head.  Let me put it to you this way...has denial of those Biblical truths stopped a single one from occurring?  They are still happening whether or not they are believed.   

Jesus is still coming back at a time of the Father’s choosing.  There is still going to be a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, that the dead in Christ will rise followed immediately by those who are alive and remain. We all will still be joining Jesus in the air to go be with Him forever.  

To be dismissive of the truths that Jesus said to be looking for is to really say you don't believe Him.  He said to be on the alert, well, are you or aren't you?  He said what to be looking you?  He left you a Bible to read to know these things...have you ever read it through even once?  When was the last time you really poured out your heart to Jesus in prayer?  When was the last time you consistently devoted time to get to know Jesus better?

None of these are hard questions, but they are questions nonetheless to take seriously.   

All who are saved in Christ Jesus ought to be living out loud.  So what that people will be offended.  Jesus said they would be, so why be surprised when it happens?   Isn't that too a truth of God's word coming true for those who believe?

Priorities.  So many people writing books, having webinars, podcasts, lectures on how to organize and live life.  What did Jesus say was truly important?  Read again of Mary and Martha.  Being organized and busy vs sitting at the feet of Jesus...what did He say about it?

Are you living life in Christ to the best of your ability?  It's on the final exam.  What we do in the body we were given for Jesus, according to His will and His purpose, is what matters.  Not how much stuff we acquired or how many titles we've had.

Being willing is the first step in exercising our faith.  Steps of faith do not need to be massive earth shattering matters.  Steps of faith can be so small and insignificant in our eyes yet be those things that will be spoken of for eternity.  As someone once said, all it takes to alter the course of a mighty river is a small stone placed in just the right position.  But, my Dear Friend, God cannot direct your steps if your feet aren't moving.  Standing people can point feet. Walking people chose a direction and engaged them. 

Are you on board with the life that God's desired for you?   Are you truly open to whatever He wants you involved with?  It may not at all look like what you envision.  The Disciples had no clue what they were getting into with following Jesus.  Jesus took them places, showed them things, taught them how life really was to be.  Are you on board for the same?  We're to be, in reality, taught by disciples to be a disciple going forth teaching new disciples.  

Jesus said He is the vine, we are the branches, do you believe this?  Every single branches is supposed to be growing vibrantly, fulfilling its duty and purpose.  

Our sanctification...our becoming more like the will of God for you and I. 

Is the will of God truly important to you?  
The Disciples pledged to do whatever, go wherever, Jesus would command them.  Giving Him their undivided attention and obedience.  Things getting clearer now?

Are you on board for the righteous life that God desires for you or are you living life for you instead?  Our obedience in Christ will hasten the return of Jesus for all who believe.  Our not doing what He's teaching us to live and be prolongs His return.  We have a direct impact on the return of Jesus Christ.  

Maybe it's time for you to be serious about this will of God plan for you.  Maybe it's time for you to really be the light of Jesus Christ that you're supposed to be.  The return of Jesus Christ is still going to happen.  Will you be one eager to see it or will you be ashamed because of how little you have done?  The choice is yours. 

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