Saturday, December 16, 2023

What I long for

What I long for 
by David Brenneman 

What is it that you truly long for?  If you're defining yourself only by your successes and possessions, with no view of the true future of humanity, you're missing something. Something huge and significant.   

In my life there've been highs and lows. There's been gains and losses.  There were joys and significant pains.  There have been people that I have called friends that were either called out of this world or had been moved on from me in their season of life.  

God still causes and caused all things to work together for good to for me because I love Him and am called according to His purpose.  

When looking at this coming Christmas time, inevitably, people migrate towards gifts.  Things of this world that people wish for.   To be honest my only desire, be it now or at any moment, is to be found by Jesus doing what it is He’s wanted me to be doing.  Disappointment awaits those who put stock in wishing.  

My memory recall doesn't afford me the ability to remember things on a whim.  Unless something triggers it, it's lost somewhere in time.  Whatever feelings I had are somewhere else as well.   

To focus on my walk with Jesus, to want to be learning what it means to be a disciple, is what I know matters most.  It's His will for me so it should be important to me.   Jesus is going to be returning. To me, there's no gift possible in this world or outside this world, that will equal that embrace that I so long for. 

I long so much to just be held by my Savior.  To be told that I've made it.  That the struggles are over....that it is finished. 

In time, we learn the futility of earthly desires.  None lasts.  None are actually worth the efforts the world claims that they are in order to receive them.  

When we put importance on earthly things above our relationship with Jesus, we waste what we've been given.  We were created for a right relationship with Jesus.  The Creator of the Universe wants a loving, caring, emotional, full life, with His creation...with you.  

Oftentimes people get Bibles for Christmas gifts.   It does no earthly good if they sit on a table or upright on a shelf.  

Paul taught of being in training, of being intentionally pursuing that which is important to Jesus.  

Idolatry separates us from God.  Idolatry is rampant in our world unlike anything else short of the time on this Earth before the Great Flood in the book of Genesis.  We have psychological names to use to embrace idolatry rather than run from it to a living hope in Christ.  We are exceptionally proud of how we embrace aspects of our world without realizing the consequences of doing so.  

Throughout my years on this Earth, God's removed many things from my life.  Things that I had to agree with Him were idols.  They weren't helping my walk with Jesus, in fact, they were slowing me down. 

It's another great reason why I so look forward to that embrace from Jesus someday soon.  People are going to come and go. Friends will come and go.  We will fall into and out of favor with people.  We will gain and lose much in this world.  But nothing will separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus.  

This post is a reflection of my life.  It's a desire of my heart to share Christ with you and all who are looking for the real truth about living life.  There is truth to be found, you just won't find it in psychology or in books or advice that's not of the Word of God.  You CAN find people to tell you what you want to hear.  You need people that tell you what you need to hear.  

Our sanctification is first and foremost in the mind of Christ Jesus for us.  That day is soon approaching for a reckoning with the Christ, the Holy One of God.  It will either be in judgment or it will be in celebration.  There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ.  There only awaits condemnation for all who rejected Him. 

Oh Come oh Come Emanuel...

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