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Scripture with Scripture

Scripture with Scripture 
by David Brenneman 

I was reading in Daniel this morning, both Chapters 9 and 10, and my Bible reading plan took me to Luke 4:1-15. What's amazing to me is that Daniel makes mention of the Messiah's arrival and in that very passage in Luke...Jesus arrives after the temptations of Satan to really begin His ministry.

My Dear Reader...this is but a single example...many many more exist that support the validity of the truth that Jesus Christ is that Messiah. What's more...look for yourself...look specifically and ask the Spirit to open your eyes. Jesus Himself, after the resurrection, had a moment with some Disciples to open their minds to learn from Moses til then of Himself in the Scriptures.  

While tools such as apps, study guides, books, exist...please do not place them as equals to your Bible. Flavors of Bibles exist from various people. Be wary of some of these because just because their notes are in them it doesn't make them the Gospel.  

The absolute best example was what is written of the Berean Church. Paul or others might teach something, but, they would always go to the Scriptures to see if they were so.

Now, I highly doubt that they would simply go on their own interpretation of the Scriptures. Prayer and seeking the guidance of the Spirit have to be integral to learning concerning the Bible. Jesus said that He, the Spirit, would teach them all things. He didn't say that the Spirit and a list of as yet unlisted people would teach them all things. 

The unfortunate truth is many many people are going to be ashamed to learn the hard truth of their lives concerning what they have stood on all their lives. That they were mislead to believe things that were not of God. Jesus Himself said that there will be people such as this whom He will say to depart from Me for I never knew you. 

A profound fact is that Satan is a believer in God. A second profound fact is that Satan knows the Scriptures front to back. None of these facts or any others that define Satan or his minions...makes them saved individuals.  

You can believe in the authority of Jesus Christ and yet not be saved.  

Paul wrote an admonition to be sure of your salvation. We also read the instruction to work out your salvation with fear and trembling. Set your mind on the things that are above and not on the things that are of this world.  

Yesterday we looked at Titus.  

Worldly desires aren't just sensual's vain philosophies. It's the truth that a single properly placed pebble can alter the course of a river.  

False teachers abound in our world today. Streaming content floods the internet on this topic.  

What's made matters worse is that while electronic media versions of the Bible are everywhere. You absolutely should procure a physical copy of the Bible. It takes seconds to manipulate an electronic document in small ways and nobody would be none the wiser. Whole school systems edit whatever is taught in public schools in this way.

While it's good to have the ability to search the Scriptures electronically, you need to know how to do it physically as well. Scripture says, ironically, that days are coming when it's going to be difficult to have a Bible. Jesus said that all those who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus are going to be persecuted. It's a matter of minutes to wipe out all digital versions of the Bible if some government chooses to do so.

Most of the western world isn't facing such persecutions. But unfortunately those days appear to be on the horizon. 

The Spirit is to be teaching...and we as the students...need to be listening and doing whatever He is teaching. His work in teaching is for our sanctification. His work is transformational. To make us more like Christ Jesus. 

While I like to learn things...what I learn of things in this world aren't necessarily going to transform my life. At least never to the degree that the work of the Spirit of God will do for me, to me, through me towards my life in Christ Jesus. 

Being in the Scriptures is something that's just the very same thing that Jesus said in the Gospels. He made mention that there were many people who longed to see His day and did not see it. Who longed to know the things that they now knew. Many millions never got to see the complete Bible and longed for it.

A life in Christ means making important to us whatever is important to Jesus. It's going to mean changes in what is a priority. Going to mean the world not understanding. Going to mean the world getting mad at us because of the stand we take in Christ. 

Jesus also take heart...for He has overcome the world. 

Begin today if you've never committed to daily reading in your Bible. Ask your Teacher, the Spirit of God, to open your mind to the truths of God's word. Class is in session for as long as we breathe. 

All NASB 1995 and NASB Scripture Excerpts used by permission. (C) Lockman Foundation

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