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What are You doing?

What are You Doing?
by David Brenneman 

"Blessed is that servant whom his master, when he com
will find so doing," He said (Matthew 24:46).

Denis Lyle, a Baptist pastor in Belfast, Northern Ireland, tells
a tourist who visited a beautiful mansion on a lovely lakeshore
Switzerland. The house was surrounded by well-kept gardens co
nected by tidy pathways. There wasn't a weed in sight.

How long have you been caretaker here?" the tourist asked
the gardener.

"I've been here twenty years."

"And during that time how often has the owner of the property been in residence?"

The gardener smiled. "He has been here only four times."
"And to think," the visitor exclaimed, "all these years you've kept this house and garden in such superb condition. You tend them as if you expected him to come tomorrow.
"Oh no," replied the gardener, "I look after them as if I expected him to come today."

Jesus is coming back-coming any minute, coming soon, maybe
coming today. These are some of His last words recorded in the Bible:
Durely I am coming quickly" (Revelation 22:20). The more aware we are of His impending return, the more motivated we'll be in our
work for Him in these last days.

The above is an excerpt from "Agents of the Apocalypse" by Dr. David Jeremiah.  

I began reading this book last night in addition to my other readings.  The example is what stuck with me. 

Will you be excited at the sound of the trumpet, should it happen in your lifetime, or will you be ashamed?  Will you suddenly realize that things you held onto weren't important after all?

We are taught to hold tight to the promises of God.  We are taught to cling to His Word. To find our purpose in the body of Christ wherever the Spirit has placed us.

But are we actually doing with the motivation that that gardener presented?  

Are you living two or more lives?

Are you living for work?
Are you living for Jesus?
Are you living for your own personal interests?
Are you living for Jesus?
Are you living for others demands for you?
Are you living for Jesus?
Are you living for what you can get out of life regardless of how others view it?
Are you living for Jesus?

A life in Christ is going to be, and by the Spirit's teaching and directing, different from the lives of people in the world. 

It isn't supposed to be some special blend of world and Spirit. 

It's not about feelings or emotions either.   If we rely on those, we'll never get to where we ought to be in growing in Christ Jesus. 

Why would that be said?  We are in training.  Look at any training that means anything in our physical world. Denying self is a requirement to reach the goal of completing the training. Seems to sound like what Jesus said.  If anyone wishes to follow Me, he must deny himself, take up his cross and follow Me. 

We have a lot to let go of in this western world.  In other parts of the world there are other things to let go of that might be even more personal. 

The point of fact is to grow best in Christ is to not have anything hindering our race.  Paul wrote something of an example on being in a race.   

We are to race with the intention of winning.  None of this recreational stuff.  

Much, of not all, of the Christian life is built around being intentional, a life with purpose.  It's not about us, it's about showing people Jesus. It's to point people to the life saver.

We are also a really confused people with regards to contentment. 

There's Godly contentment and worldly contentment.  It's easy to find joy and contentment apart from God in a world of temptations.

Some find it in food, some in vacations, some in the work they do that gets them noticed. 

What are you doing?  Are you seeking first His kingdom and His righteousness?  Are you listening to yourself, to others, before listening for the words of Jesus toward you?

Many people get so convinced of their joy in their personal happiness that they're not listening for the words of Jesus. 

Earlier we started thinking about our reaction to Jesus returning. 

The Early Church lived as though it could be at any time.  It obviously wasn't, but they devoted themselves to the Word of God and prayer as if at any time it could be that time.

Dr. David Jeremiah, later in the same chapter that excerpt came from, mentioned a person attending a show that he really shouldn't have been at and left before it ever got going.  When asked he exclaimed something to the effect of "I don't want to have Jesus return and Him finding me there!".

Are you engaging in aspects of your life that in truth you will indeed be embarrassed to be found partaking in should Jesus return?

Are you hoarding rather than being generous?  

Are you engaging in various forms of what the world calls entertainment that Jesus certainly wouldn't?

Are you seeking your own self interests rather than the interests of others? 

People the world over are expecting a few seconds at least to prepare for leaving this world at His return. 

That's not Biblical. 

In a moment, in the twinkling of an fast is that?  Can it be measured?  I think not. 

The point of that gardener is the point of this ready for you know not at what hour your Master will return. 

Take inventory of your heart and mind.  What has absolutely no business in you that you've not let go of?  

You can be in your own way with regards to growing in Christ. 


Fact: a twinkling of an eye is thousands of times faster than the blinking of an eye. 

Living for Jesus a life that is true. 
Striving to please Him in all that I do. 

All NASB 1995 and NASB Scripture Excerpts used by permission. (C) Lockman Foundation. 

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