Thursday, March 28, 2019

No Different

Do not think it's any different today.  Because it's not.  Too many people have their heads in the sand, refusing to truly believe what's right in front of their own eyes. 

Demons know and acknowledge Jesus Christ. They are everywhere. Even in the Synagogues of the Churches of today. In homes and the streets across the globe. 

It comes down to who's King of your heart.
Hard turn of a thought hmm?  Demons have but one thing to do for the unbelievers in this world.  Keep them from putting Christ on the Throne of their heart. For believers it's to make them ineffective at what they do, to get them to ruin the name of Jesus. 

Demons are very real. I have come face-to-face face with at least one in my life.  Freaky doesn't come close to describing it.

There's a war going on and people everywhere are caught up in it.  It's a World War that is still ongoing since Adam sinned.  It's over who will rule this world.  Satan believes he will. However Christ Jesus defeated him at the cross when He arose 3 days after His death there for the sins of mankind.  So why is all the evil in this world on a rampage right now?
Well, YOU may not take Jesus seriously. YOU may think oh it's just life, that's the way it is. YOU may think the Bible is a worn out old book. But I promise you there's certainly one group in this world who DOES. It's the Demons. They were present in Synagogues, are present in Churches today because they know the value in knowing your enemy. Those in Churches today don't know the true extent of their enemies.
They are rarely taught what it means to be a Disciple of Christ.  Most have a bowl of sugary cereal for a sermon and go on their way.  A production number and not a worship service.
Demons are eating it up.  They have very little they need to do as long as they have Churches like that around.  They can't read minds but they can influence.  They can't possess believers but they can wear down weak ones. Teaching the doctrines of demons is what Scripture says they will do.
Turn away, run, from any church that isn't teaching the whole Bible.  That doesn't have prayer at its core. Run, don't give them a minute of your time.
Why is the world in the shape it's in? In Revelation the tipping point had been reached. As in the days of Noah, God will give over the people of this world to their sinful nature. The Church will be taken up and those left behind will not repent of their thefts, idolatry, their sexual sins.  They will rage at God for all that He's bringing down upon them.
We are quickly reaching that tipping point. Legalizing the murder of our own children in the womb.  Stripping the rights of believers because the world loves their sexual sins.
Really look at the world you live in. Your possessions will mean nothing when you are confronted with defending what you believe in.
If you aren't reading a Bible, I don't care if you are a Believer or not, look into it yourself. I am making none of this up. Your eternity is at stake. The lines are drawn in the sand.

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