Sunday, March 31, 2019

Cup of Iniquity

Was listening to a sermon this morning. In it, the preacher mentioned that the falling away from the faith appears to be beginning. In that I disagree, I look back 20-30 years ago and it was then it started gaining steam. We are definitely deep into the falling away.  False religions have far more protections than Christianity used to.  You are being intolerant if you don't accept them as just as legitimate as Christianity. Sorry folks, call me intolerant all you want.  God isn't in the business of making every religion acceptable.
There's only ONE way to Salvation. Through the ONLY one who ever came, lived a sinless life, died on a cross, arose 3 days later. Only through Jesus Christ.
I pray for all those around me. Because of many reasons. The chief of which is they are lost. I was lost but Jesus found me. He can find them too. Jesus says He prays for me. So I pray for them too.
There is a cup of iniquity for every nation. As a Nation we are no different. The ONLY nation chosen by God is Israel. Not the United States.
That is what Scripture says.
Our cup is quickly filling. This nation is beginning to see the battle to come. We throw human life away as a bad decision yet spend billions protecting animals and structures.
Within most churches the people are the same as those outside of it. There's no difference.
Christ isn't changing lives there because He wasn't there to begin with. Jesus mentions the removal of candles in Churches in Revelation.
Many have been removed yet people show up. The doctrines of demons have prevailed and they really think they are ok when they are not.
Jesus says that MANY will say to Him didn't we...
If JESUS says many, then brother and sister He means MANY.
Make sure of what you are listening to in the Churches you attend. Make sure it's really found in God's Word.
Our world is drawing near to that tipping point of it truly being the days of Noah in every respect. Evil men are advancing and advocating what God says is sin. People are committing atrocities in our own cities here in America. Not just third world countries.
Muslim Jihad is here in America. They are advancing in our legal system. They are being voted into office. In many ways our Media is being subverted to only speak of what is good for Islam. Think about it. A reporter last year of a very influential cable news network stated "It's our job to tell you what to think."
It's no secret that those who speak out against Islam heavily become targets of it.  Yet the media won't report it openly. You look at news agencies outside the United States and it's being reported.
So pray for our President and Vice President. Pray for our elected officials. Pray for a return to lit candles in Churches. Pray for the thousands dying every DAY for just saying "I am a follower of Jesus Christ."
I, like Paul, am torn. On one hand I know of the need to pray for the lost. On the other, I so long to be held by Jesus.
Pray. Every nation has a cup that's filling. Until the times of the Gentiles is completed we will be here. Until the last person who is to be saved prior to Christ's return.

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