Wednesday, February 12, 2020

No guilt

Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow. Isaiah 1:18

In the seventeenth century, Sir Isaac Newton used a prism to study how light helps us see different colors. He found that when light passes through an object, the object appears to possess a specific color. While a single ice crystal looks translucent, snow is made up of many ice crystals smashed together. When light passes through all of the crystals, snow appears to be white.

The Bible mentions something else that has a certain color—sin. Through the prophet Isaiah, God confronted the sins of the people of Judah and described their sin as “like scarlet” and as “red as crimson.” But God promised they would “be as white as snow” (Isaiah 1:18). How? Judah needed to turn away from wrongdoing and seek God’s forgiveness.

Thanks to Jesus, we have permanent access to God’s forgiveness. Jesus called Himself “the light of the world” and said whoever follows Him “will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life” (John 8:12). When we confess our sins, God forgives us and we’re seen through the light of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. This means that God sees us as He sees Jesus—blameless.

We don’t have to wallow in the guilt and shame of what we’ve done wrong. Instead, we can hold on to the truth of God’s forgiveness, which makes us “white as snow.” Our Daily Bread 

It is a horrible thing to insist we are guilty of that which Christ has forgiven us for. 

The verdict is read "Not Guilty".  Rather than rejoicing in the Grace and Mercy of God, we are actually challenging the ruling when we question it. 

I know.  That was me for many decades. 

I was pretty much obsessed with my every flaw, every failure in Christ.  The truth eluded me for the longest time.  The truth being if Christ has indeed forgiven me, I am washed by His blood. I am seen as being white as snow.  I certainly was missing His point in forgiveness. In many a book and movie the phrase "know your enemy" has been said.  Read for yourself the descriptions of Satan.  An angel of light. A liar and the Father of lies.  The Deciever.  The Accuser.  He cannot read the minds of believers,  nor inhabit them. He had almost full influence over unbelievers.  He can create temptations to snare believers by provoking their sin nature.  He has several thousand years worth of learned abilities in influencing humans.  He isn't creative.  He only uses what works.  He watches, he's a prowling lion seeking someone to devour.  He knows he has lost according to God's Word but will fight to the end, determined to try to make even one thing in the Bible not be true.  He is a sore loser.  

But realize the rest. 

He has to show up in Heaven every day to give an account.  Read Job.

He has to still obey Jesus.  Again read Job.

He can do nothing to those who are in Christ without permission from Jesus. 

He cannot possess a believer.  The Holy Spirit is already there.

When a believer focuses on the truths of God he is powerless.  

As long as we have physical bodies we will face sin and the effects of it.  He loves nothing more than for believers to get wrapped around the axle in self inflicted guilt trips.  He didn't have to do anything we do it ourselves.  We get going along those paths and forget about the Love, Grace and Mercy of our Savior Jesus Christ.  

We are a precious flower in the sight of our God and we convince ourselves to only look at what parts of us are dead, not noticing the beauty.

Yes the Spirit convicts us of sin. It's up to us to address it and move on.  Paul said we are to run the race set before us.  If we keep stopping to look at how bad our outfit looks we will never run the race. 

When we do this we are no different than the man entrusted with the talents from his Master who buried them until His return.  We wasted the opportunities granted to us to invest or do something with what we were entrusted, which is our faith. 

If you constantly berate yourself or your condition, you are saying your faith granted to you, which was able to raise Jesus from the dead, which washed away all the sin of all mankind, has no power left to help you.  That's what you are saying. 

You are telling God that He's abandoned you.  Is that something you really want to be saying to the world? The one who saved me left me to fend for myself? 

Conviction has its purpose, which is to steer believers back to the path set before them in their walk with God.  We were meant to experience it and repent, not live in it.

Let go, my friend, of any ideas that you may have on living guilt ridden.  Scripture says that where the Spirit is there is Liberty.  Freedom in Christ!

Stop making lists of what you have done wrong.  Jesus, after you asked for forgiveness, remembers them no more, why are you?  Start today in being thankful.  Start making a list of things that you are grateful for in Christ.  When you pray, pray that list back to Him.  

If you keep going around dejected, why would anyone look at your life and want Christ if your example is the way it is?

Time to look in the mirror and really take a hard look at what the world sees when it sees you.  Are you a reflection of a forgiven sinner or of someone with no outward signs that forgiveness has happened?  Look at you the way your Savior looks at you. 

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