Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Not the end...for you or I

The end of your life isn't the end of your problem.   

Only human beings think in such limited, small, terms.  In the scheme of eternity, our minds cannot wrap themselves around any concept of eternity. 

People see death as the end.  The truth is it's the beginning of eternity for everyone. 

Disease, sickness that ends in death is only the beginning of life.  Everyone is granted eternal life, it's where you are going to spend it that you decide in this life.  

As horrific as many diseases are, where you will spend eternity is all that matters. 

If you reject Christ in this life, Scripture says you will spend eternity separated from Him...in torment at first in Hell, then at the very end, the Lake of Fire.  

The only way is Jesus Christ.  Only by receiving His free gift of salvation can you spend eternity in Heaven.  My friend, it's easy to get upset, exasperated even, at the many terrible ways a person can die.  But God doesn't see those ways as the end of anything but of our choice to accept or reject Christ. 

You really need to look at life as Jesus does.  Of the opportunity that exists while you are alive.  Once you draw your last breath, any opportunity to decide is over. 

This is why it's so important to know, today, while it's still today, whether or not Jesus is your Lord and Savior. 

Every single person who died today was wanting a tomorrow.  Without exception. 

And right now either those who died are finding themselves in Heaven or Hell. 

The most important question that should be on your mind is knowing tonight before you close your eyes. 

Look up Romans Road.  Settle it tonight. 

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