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Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God. Philippians 4:6 

Don't be anxious! Paul said there is nothing that should cause a child of God to worry. He was well aware of things that cause anxiety. His nation was occupied by a foreign army and ruled by corrupt leaders. He was writing from prison, where he was being held as a result of false accusations. He was separated from those he loved; his motives had been questioned; and he had been misrepresented. Some were trying to undermine all that he had accomplished in starting churches. He suffered physically and faced imminent execution (2 Cor. 11:23—29). Yet Paul said there would never be a crisis so troubling that God could not bring peace in the midst of it! God will not necessarily take your problems away, but He will carry the load for you. He wants you to experience His peace, which is beyond human comprehension. You will never fully understand how God could give you peace in some of the situations you face, but you do not have to understand it in order to experience it. This peace is not just for those who “handle stress well”; it is for everyone! You may know that God wants you to experience peace but wonder how this is possible, given what you are presently facing. Yet, Scripture says to be anxious for nething. God's Word clearly indicates that there is nothing you can face that is too difficult, too troubling, or too fearful for God. No matter what your circumstances are, turn your anxiety over to God and let His perfect peace guard your heart. - Blackaby Experiencing God Day by Day 

Seems the theme of posts these past few days is praying.   Even today this is the third that's gone out touching on it on Facebook. 

Oh we live in hypertime. I seem to have just invented that as a single word.  Thanks to Star Wars, most have heard of hyperspace.  Hypertime is similar.  The speed of which makes it difficult, albeit impossible, to keep up with the flow of it.

20 to 30 years ago the world was panicked about Y2K. What would happen after the now insanely primitive computers time clocks turned over to the year 2,000.  We were also immersed in privacy worries from the government.  They will put cameras everywhere!  No, we did, with the incredibly fast pace of the tech world churning out smartphones and tablets. 

What was a fear, became a trend. It gave birth to the selfie.  Privacy anxiety switched to identity theft.  A new kind of worry and war to protect. 

In that same timeframe a few decades back there was a book titled "Battlefield of the Mind".  I am not using any of the subject matter of it here other than the inference of the title.   

What is going on in this world is an all out assault to control.  Control what you eat, how you sleep. What you watch, what you read.  The goal, straight from the mouth of the news world is for them to tell you how and what to think.  Look it up. That's a real quote. 

But why?  What is the goal? An yes there is one.  It's mostly been happening to establish world rule.  The events being made to happen in order to convince people they need a world ruler.  Not a leader of a country but of the world.  A Savior.  

So situations are happening and being made to happen to heighten stress and worry.  Anxiety.  Where control is taken by force or cunning, anxiety blossoms.  

This is the world in which we live. 

Yet the Bible says there's still hope within it.  More and more the true Church is being viewed as getting in the way of the plans of this world.  We fight back for Godly morals.  For what the Bible says.  When we stand on the Word of God, the miraculous happens.  That peace that passes all understanding from God comes.  We cannot explain it though we experience it. 

The world views death of one who opposes as a final victory.  God says it's a promotion.  We will be replaced with someone else whom He will choose to continue His Plan.  

In everything that's on your mind you can pray about.  Realize to whom it is you pray to.   We who are in Christ pray to a LIVING Savior. This is no religious practice.  It's real communication.  A real relationship.  
All other world religions pray to things that are dead.  There is only one who ever arose from the dead.  Jesus is His name.

He made a promise to do that. 

Then He kept making promises to those who would believe.   The answer to anxiety and worries is prayer.  It's not just to take a worry and give it a direction, it's to let go of it so that He can deal with it. 

We also have a bad habit of trying to live lives the way we want and are doing so without asking Jesus if we should.  So even we who are in Christ create our own troubles. We pat ourselves on the back for our seemingly ingenious ideas.  Then Jesus pops that bubble and we discover a house of cards.  

We cannot create the peace that passes all understanding.  Only Jesus can. Reason being is it's from within the soul. Only the Spirit of God is knit to our soul. 

So let go of your worries.  Let go of what seems to be impassable mountains or armies.  Jesus said that if we would but have the faith the size of a mustard seed we could toss mountains.  

Pray today.  Let go of your pain and worries at the feet of Jesus.  Yes life was meant to be lived, but only in Christ.  Take up your cross and follow Him.  Where He leads we follow.  

We often create our own strife because we really are attracted to this world's things.  Let go of them.  Grab hold of a better relationship with Jesus.


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