Saturday, February 8, 2020

You cannot live two lives

You can't Live two lives. 

One life is hard enough but trying to live for God on some parts of the day and not all of it will only bring disappointment and sadness to your life in the end.  

Look at this in comparison to competitors.  How often have you really seen anyone win who was fighting on two battlefields at the same time?  Fighting an opponent and fighting something within themselves.  It's a different way to look at what Jesus said but the truth still applies.  A house divided will fall. 

How often has that particular sigh of relief happened when someone comes along side and lifts a burden either of the mind or the body from us?

We often dismiss the strain as our trying to do too much.  Is it really that or are we trying to have our way when Jesus is beckoning us to release our hold on something and trust Him?

We are told that for every word or thought we have we will have to give an account of before Christ.  Really really consider that.  What's motivating you?  Living for Jesus or yourselves?   Yes we need to do something to make a living.  But where are our minds and hearts in that?  Do we fill up our time not making a living doing things or such that we find satisfying but God says isn't and takes us away from being His Disciples?  You really cannot take up a cross and follow Christ if you are also lugging the weight of your personal life  apart from God with you. 

This world is absolutely not going through climate change.  This world is being prepared for the return of its Creator.  Jesus has spoken on how well it will be for those whom are called of Him being found by Him going about the Father's business when He comes. 

How much of your life is all about you?  Really look at that.  I do more and more these days. 

How many symbols of idolatry do you wear?  Hey call a spade a spade.  Look at the Biblical definition of idolatry.  It's more than alive and well in this present age.  It's fully invasive and integrated in the lives of most everyone.  From ringtones to phone, tablet and computer wallpaper.  To what amounts to shrines in our homes to sports teams or movies.  All in the name of supporting those things or team spirit. 
If it truly weren't then people shouldn't get offended by something derogatory being said about such.  It's not being passionate about such things it's defending what you worship. 

You cannot live two lives.  You can't live for Jesus and for yourself.   Look in the mirror, what do you really see?

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